Canada Deportation: Top 8 Reasons You Can Get Kicked Out of the Country

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No migrant under no circumstances wants to be deported to his native country, least of all when he’s in Canada, the most sought-after dream country to work for millions of people.

However, every immigration destination has the right to deport foreign nationals. Canada is no exception to privilege and responsibility. Only Canadian citizens have the full protection of the government against banishment from the Canadian nation. Individuals who have been previously deported from Canada is permanently barred from re-entering the Country.

Canada is idealistic in state and provides lots of opportunities that help allow possible opportunities for prosperity and improvement, giving it the popular nickname ‘Land of Opportunity’. But just because it is almost always shown in good light doesn’t mean that there’s no evil in the land of Maple Leaf. Immigrants can be vulnerable in an unfamiliar location and can fall prey to wrong masters.


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Each case will be given due and prompt investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency. In every circumstance, every individual has a lawful right to duly process and appeal at the various levels of judicial review before a removal order is implemented. However, once all available avenues have been exhausted by the accused, he is expected to abide by Canadian law.

Minister Kenner states the view that Canadians by and large are generous and they give a red-carpet welcome to aliens. However, they offer zero tolerance for wrong-doers and cheats.

Here is a compiled list of the cases and reasons that could probably cause deportation from Canada.

  • If you have committed a serious crime;
  • Marriage or divorce of convenience;
  • Misuse of immigration documents;
  • If you have overstayed or broken the conditions of the granted visa;
  • If you hold a criminal record for which you have not been granted pardon;
  • If you have chosen the illegal path to enter the country;
  • In case you have lost your legal status to remain in the nation;
  • Misrepresentation of facts in any way or providing fake information leading to an error in the administration of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Canadian officials are scattered across the country in order to secure immigrants with concern and to give preliminary investigation to individuals who may have breached the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Local police and related agencies are also working in close relations to this group which allows them to detain, arrest and remove people from breaching the Act in certain situations. The Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board hears the appeal.

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The right to appeal to the Canada’s Federal Court for a review of an Immigration Appeal Division’s decision is offered to both the accused person and the concerned officials have. However, it is necessary for them to obtain the permission of the court to file the request. The request will be duly reviewed only if the concerned court grants the permission.

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