5 Canada Challenges New Immigrants Often Face

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As exciting as it is to go and live in a foreign country among foreigners there are some problems that overpower the excitement because everything is so new and different from what you have been used to.

Canada is no different! While living in the country has its perks, there are some problems that hog the mind of every immigrant in Canada.

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Lack of credit history

As a newcomer in Canada, you do not have any credit rating and this is how this status affects your stay: Finding an apartment can be a challenge because your credit history is blank and people deny renting apartments to you. But since you have to live somewhere you end up paying as much as a year’s rent in advance.

Commuting becomes a challenge without your own vehicle which is impossible to buy without any credit history. The only thing you can do is take buses but be warned about the strict arrival and departure timings.

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Having a settlement fund is helpful when you are going to spend a lot of money commuting from one place to another.

Weather and climate

Winters here can get harsh enough for you to suffer from hypothermia, especially if you are from a tropical country. The temperatures are lower than your refrigerator’s even in broad daylight. Weather is quite unpredictable even during the course of a single day so make sure to check it before you head out for the day.

Canadian climate can be overwhelming to new immigrants.

Language and communication issues

Speaking in English is not as big a problem as understanding the accent. All it takes is a little time to get the catch of how Canadians pronounce words and how they frame sentences. Don’t try to fit in by developing a fake accent. Just be yourself. As long as the other person is able to understand what you want to say and vice versa, there is nothing to worry about.

Integration to society

One of the biggest challenges of living in a foreign country is missing home, friends and family. Not seeing people you are accustomed to seeing can at times be quite troublesome. If you are missing the feeling of being in a community where people love and support each other you could join organizations, clubs and institutions that have a lot of people like you all working together to achieve that.

Limited job opportunities

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While Canada has a lot of opportunities for everyone, getting hold of those opportunities is not easy. At times, your experience, education and credentials are not recognized according to the standards of Canada and you may have to take up courses to be able to work. You can start with whatever job you are getting in the beginning and then work your way up to what you want. Many successful immigrants started out as fast food servers, dishwashers or convenience store cashiers.

Highs and lows are a part of life. You can always have a good time in Canada by making the most of what you have got while working hard to live the dreams you came herewith.

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