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How to Apply for Dual Citizenship Application for Filipinos in Australia

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Natural born Filipinos, who have acquired citizenship of another country, can reacquire their citizenship – thanks to the Philippine law Republic Act 9225.

However, those who were naturalized Filipinos cannot have dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is a status whereby a person is regarded as a citizen of two countries. The Congress of the Philippines enacted the law for dual citizenship in August 2003. Since then, Filipinos are able to reacquire their Filipino citizenship. Candidates can also include their children in the application for dual citizenship. Australian spouses and children of Filipino with dual citizenship are entitled to a visa-free entry and stay for one year in the Philippines.

Requirements for Dual Citizenship

Candidates for dual citizenship must provide the following to apply for dual citizenship:

  • Two original forms of Petition for dual citizenship
  • Original and two copies of Philippine birth certificate, old Philippine passport, Australian certificate of naturalization, and Australian passport. However, married applicants need to provide a Philippine marriage certificate with a registry number or report of marriage for those married outside of the Philippines
  • Four passport-sized photos, colored with white background. Photos should not be older than three months and should not show applicants in sleeveless or revealing attire eyeglasses should be removed
  • Proof of payment for dual citizenship processing fee

In certain circumstances, candidates must provide additional documents:

  • When the name in the Philippine birth certificate is different from the one in the certificate of naturalization or in the passport, candidates must make an Affidavit and explain the change
  • Widows need to provide marriage and death certificates of spouse
    -Applicants with previous Philippine marriage need to provide a marriage certificate with annotation of nullity
  • Applicants with previous Australian marriage need to provide a marriage certificate and divorce decree
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Steps to Get Dual Citizenship for Filipinos in Australia

The process starts once the applicant submits accomplished Petition forms and supports the documents to the Dual citizenship Counter. Once applicants submit documents, an officer interviews the applicant and evaluates his documents.

If submitted documents are complete and in order, applicants make payment at Cashier. If they are incomplete, the officer will require additional documents, and the process commences once documents are completed. The officer then prepares the Dual Citizenship papers. After papers are ready, the petitioner attends Oath, a ceremony held at the consulate.


To apply for dual citizenship, Filipinos need to pay A$90 for notarial and administrative taxes at the Philippine Consulate in Sydney. The fee is non-refundable.

Benefits and Restrictions of Dual Citizenship

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It is important to note that applying for dual citizenship in no way affects Filipinos of the status or condition of their Australian citizenship. However, Filipinos seeking an elected position need to renounce any non-Australian citizenship.

Applicants for dual citizenship don’t need to reside in the Philippines. Dual citizenship provides applicants with the following benefits, including the right to vote, own a property in the Philippines, travel with a Filipino transport, and engage in businesses or commerce as Filipinos.

However, after reacquiring their Filipino citizenship, Filipinos do not automatically gain the right to practice their profession in the Philippines. To do so, they must apply to the proper authority. However, licenses for work can be reactivated.

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