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Top Reasons You Are Denied Entry in New Zealand

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Being denied anywhere hurts not only your ego but also your pride. You’d probably think ‘How dare they!’ when in reality, they can actually ‘dare’ all they want especially if you are denied entry in any country and in this case, New Zealand.

First and foremost, we all have to remember that New Zealand is a small pacific country with a population of more than 4 million people according to the statistics of the New Zealand government ( Keeping this in mind, the New Zealand government doesn’t have any reason to deny any foreigners into their country considering that they still do hire foreign workers in there. Nevertheless if you are a foreigner and you are denied entry there then, like any other country in the world, New Zealand’s reason why they refused your entry must be something that should be done in order to protect the interests of the citizens of their country.

That doesn’t make it easier for anyone to accept that their entry can be a cause of disorder in any country but again, there are more logical reasons behind the denial of you application.

According to the law, New Zealand can refuse entry if you are disqualified under sections 15 and 26 of the Immigration Act 2009. These acts state that you will not be grated visa, entry permission or a visa waiver if you have been in the following situations:

  • Have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years or more of any offences that was taken off the record
  • Have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 months or more in the past 10 years
  • Subject to a period of prohibition on entry to New Zealand under section 179 or section 180 of the Immigration law
  • Have been removed or deported from any country including New Zealand
  • Excluded from New Zealand under any enactment
  • Are a member of a terrorist entity or
  • The Minister believes that:
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  1. You are likely to commit offence while in New Zealand that is punishable by imprisonment
  2. Likely to be a threat or a risk to security
  3. Likely to be a threat to public order
  4. Likely to be a threat to the public interest.

If you believe that you are not one of these types of people or you have never been in any situation listed above then your application might be declined because of the following reasons:

  • Incomplete information
  • You are not lawfully in New Zealand at the time of the application
  • You did not meet the standards of good health and good character
  • The immigration officer has reasons to believe that the information that you have on your application is not genuine
  • If the officer believes that your purpose in going to New Zealand is not genuine or that you have no intention in abiding the conditions stated on your visa
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