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Dos and Don’ts When You’re In Australia

More About Australia

Australia is one of the highly regarded countries on the grounds that the country has maintained high standards of living and roaring economy over the years. As a result, millions of people visit the country to witness Australia’s diverse wildlife, exclusive nature spots and well-balanced climate. But anyone who is a visitor of foreign land should follow the laws and respect the customs of the place. That said, it is important to know what are do’s and don’ts when planning a trip to Australia.

What to Do:

1. Bring identification documents all the time. Never leave them unattended.
2. When going to beach, only swim before the red and yellow flags for safety purposes. Trivia: Lady Jane is a popular nude beach in Sydney.
whale-shark3. Always make an appointment. Australians do not like surprised, unannounced visits.
4. Do barbeque-ing. It is Australian’s favorite hobby especially during house parties.
5. For visitors and tourists, always ready a list of emergency contact numbers such as the embassy contact information.
6. Bringing own beer in restaurants is encouraged and acceptable.
7. Swim with whale sharks. Thousands of tourists visit Ningaloo, Australia to snorkel with harmless whale sharks.
8. Visit the most popular attraction site in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef which is named as the largest coral reef.
9. Be careful on Australian waters. Beaches in Australia are thrived with poisonous jellyfish and sharks.
10. Prefer to use the word “bill” over “check”. The latter word may confuse the Aussies.

What Not to Do:

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1. Do not eat or drink in public transports and buildings.
2. Smoking in public is strictly prohibited.
3. Do not go cycling without the helmet.
4. If you are a woman, do not sit in front with the taxi driver. Take the back left passenger seat instead. Trivia: Aussies drive on the left-hand side.
5. Do not bring prohibited goods in Australia. Foods items that are banned include egg and egg products, live animals and plants, dairy products, seeds, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables and uncanned meat products.
6. Do not miss out Sydney Opera House, often called the Face of Australia. This architecture is known as world class performance arts center.
7. Do not offer Australians a horse meat. They do not eat horse meat though they raise horses.
8. Do not go beyond the marks of the bush. Bushwalking is a past-time activity of many Australians. Always go with the marked pathways or planned route.
9. Do not be too formal in addressing names. Aussies are fine to be called by their first names even they are professionals.

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