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10 Ways to Overcome Culture Shock in Australia

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Culture shock is defined as the state of feeling confused, uncertain and anxious as a result of being in a place or environment that is not familiar. The term is applicable when the person goes to a foreign country and gets heavily exposed to an alien environment. When someone migrates to Australia, he or she may be encountering culture shock. The following are 10 ways on how to overcome culture shock in Australia.


Culture shock is not a disease and is only temporary. Signs and symptoms of culture shock include homesickness, frustration, anxiousness, sadness, loneliness, depression, mood swings and powerlessness.

Three Stages of Culture Shock

  1. Honeymoon Phase. Characterized by excitement and enthusiasm, the person is wired about the new environment, new culture, beautiful cityscapes and surroundings of the place.
  2. Everything-is-awful Phase. Negative emotions arise due to spotted differences between cultures.
  3. Everything-is-okay Phase. In this stage, the person gets accustomed with culture differences. He is able to develop his daily routines and also create a balance of feelings.
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How to Overcome Culture Shock

It is important that the person knows about the concept of culture shock, its signs and symptoms, culture shock phases and how to overcome it.

  1. Know the culture and customs of the new place or destination.
  2. Keep calm and relax. Withhold negative judgment.
  3. Act like normal. Also, don’t forget to laugh!
  4. Never break communication at home. Keep in touch, but be warned that too much communication can exacerbate homesickness.
  5. Set future goals that can get oneself excited. For example, visiting a new country.
  6. Don’t get stressed. Expect it but do not let stress overcome you!
  7. Go out. Explore the place. Never isolate oneself.
  8. Do socialize. Meet new friends.
  9. Get preoccupied. Keep oneself busy by doing some volunteer works, enrolling classes and going to sporting clubs
  10. Achieve a sense of stability by establishing a routine.

Culture shock is a common state of mind that is normally experienced by people who travel away from home. There are many ways to overcome it from a number of great sources online. Call to mind that culture shock is only a temporary thing and any person can get through it. On the whole, the best way to overcome culture shock in Australia is to understand the country’s culture, accept the new culture and learn to adapt!

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