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Available Medical Services for Immigrants to Australia

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The popular saying, that health care is a human right, not a privilege, is so true in Australia. With the flexible and affordable medical services all throughout the country, it appears that there is no room for sickness in Australia. The health system is world-class which perhaps answers the question as to why Australia remains on the top list as one of the nations with longest life expectancy.


70% of the total health expenses in Australia are funded by the government.

The following are the available medical services for Australian immigrants and residents.

  1. Public hospitals. These are government-owned medical and surgical institutions that provide free services to the public. These are usually very large hospitals normally located in the city centers. A public hospital offers a wide array of services from ambulatory care and surgery to emergency cases.

  2. Private hospitals. Most private hospitals provide people a choice of doctor. Due to a more personalized approach to care for patients, private hospitals provide better services yet come with a fee.
  3. Ambulance. The use of ambulances is part of the emergency medical services in Australia. This includes a land ambulance (the most common), air ambulance (the use of helicopters), and first responders (provision of rapid response to the scene). To ask for ambulance assistance, dial 000.
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  4. Community health centers. Community health centers simply called health centers, are clinics situated in districts and communities that are housed by general practitioners and nurses. Like hospitals, community health centers offer health support services as well as advice to people in the community. The most common services offered in community health centers are counseling, vaccination, and health education.
  5. Women health centers. The main purpose of women’s health centers is to improve the health and well-being of women in Australia. Some major services offered by women’s health centers are health checks, counseling services, support for abused women, breast cancer care, etc.
  6. Aged care. Aged care centers are institutions designed for elder people and those with special needs. Because of the growing elderly in Australia, there are many aged care centers all throughout the country to help the elderly population live a dignified and safe senior life. Aged care centers are sometimes referred to as home care or nursing homes.
  7. Alternative medicine. Part of the available medical services for immigrants in Australia is the alternative medicine services with the intent to provide people a more natural and healthier way of living. Integrative medicine is also promoted in the country in which the use of both conventional and natural medicine are “integrated” for a more effective and holistic approach to achieving and maintaining wellness.
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