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How to Apply for Australia Visit Visa for Parents

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Parents who wish to visit Australia to be with their children can apply for a tourist visa. A parent or both parents may be granted either a single or multiple entry visa lasting for about 6 to 12 months depending upon the documents they have submitted and the decision of the counsel.

Eligible Persons
The visa is eligible only for those who wish to visit Australia for the purposes of tourism and/or other recreational activities, such as spending the holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, or to visit relatives and friends. Furthermore, if one intends to visit Australia to stay with family members, and they are entitled and want to sponsor the applicant, then the form 1418 Application for a Visitor visa / Sponsored Family stream, could be used.

Each applicant should have his or her own application form. Even the dependent children must have their own individual form. Furthermore, all questions in all the sections must be filled up completely. If there are questions answered inaccurately, or left unanswered, may result in the refusal or cancellation of the visa.

There are several requirements that must be prepared prior to the lodging of the application, these include the following:

  • Bank Statements or any other financial statements including credit cards
  • Pay slips
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Passport
  • 2 Passport Size Pictures
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If the tourist has a relative residing in Australia who is eligible of sponsoring relatives, then the following documents should also be prepared by the relative of the applicant:

  • Fill up the statutory declaration
  • Letter of invitation
  • Bank Statement or Pay slip
  • Certified True Copy of the Relative’s Passport or driver’s license
  • Certified True Copy of the Registration or billing statement, which will serve as proof of residence
  • NSO birth certificate and marriage contract of both the applicant and the relative, which will serve as a proof of relationship

Procedure on application
After filling up all the necessary forms, the applicant or representative can submit the application, visa application charge, and other supporting documents through any of the following methods:

  1. Online. If eligible, the application, visa application charge, and other supporting documents can be electronically submitted through the internet.
  2. Personal or through Mail. The application, visa application charge, and other supporting documents, can be dropped off or mailed to the nearest Australia visa office or office of the department. For those who would be dropping off the documents, a scheduled appointment may be necessary.
  3. Service Delivery Partner (SDP). There are other countries that have Service Delivery Partners that offer visa application services on behalf of the department. For more detailed information, and to check the availability of a Service Delivery Partner through the Australia Visa Office’s website.


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