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How to Save Money in Melbourne

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Melbourne has become one of the most expensive places to live.

A Sydney Morning Herald news release in March said that it now costs more to live in Melbourne, along with Sydney, than New York. So saving up can mean a lot now than it was before.

A) Food
To save money on food, you need to follow few simple rules and tips:

  • When eating out, consider off peak days, such as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On these days, it costs less due to the special offers in restaurants and bars.
  • The middle of the day is the time to eat out. During nights, meals are a lot more expensive.
  • The bar area at pubs is a lot cheaper than the lounge area. The same dish costs twice less in the bar area.
  • Avoid convenience stores for buying food. Smaller and independent stores offer better prices and food ranges.
  • Fresh food markets are another way to save money on food. They are a lot cheaper than supermarkets.
  • Buy food at markets approaching their closing times. This is the period when you can get the best value food.
  • Buy dumplings and cook them yourself at home. An excellent choice in Melbourne is the Henry?s Seafood plus. The store offers the finest fresh dumplings in the city for a reasonable price. You can also find fresh seafood, but it is a bit pricey.
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You can save money both on public transport, and when driving a car as well.

  • Tuesday and Wednesday morning is the best period to buy petrol. Prices vary during the week, and the price is lowest during these days. Also, the price in lower rent suburbs is considerably lower than the one in well heeled ones.
  • Try to catch the free-city circle tram run. It runs on 10 minute interval from 10am to 6pm.
  • Another free option for public transport is the tourist shuttle bus that runs from 10am to 4pm. The bus goes around the city and the inner suburbs.
  • Pay attention to the time when buying two hours ticket. If purchased at 11.04 pm for example, it lasts until 2pm. But if purchased at 10.57, the ticket lasts to 1pm. Another thing to keep in mind is that the 2-hour ticket validated after 6pm lasts for the rest of the night.
  • Monthly and weekly tickets can be used in any zones during the weekends.
  • Buy Sunday saver and weekend daily tickets. They are cheaper and offer lot more options and flexibility.
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C) Shopping

  • The Trash and Treasure Australia market located at Newlands Road, Coburg is an excellent place for low cost clothes, food and electronics. You can always bargain there, and get the products for even lower price. There are many secondhand products, but brand new as well.
    Other suburban markets such as the Queen Victoria Market and Preston Market are excellent places to find clothes for under $10.


  • There are free and cheap concerts during the weekends. The Australian National Academy of Music holds several free concerts.
  • When going to a sports event, try to carry your own food. Some venues allow guests to bring their own hamper, but alcohol is forbidden. Anticipate a check in and inspection at the gate by the staff.

E)Vouchers and coupons

  • Vouchers and coupons are one of the best ways to save money, no matter where. Make sure to check OzBargain daily. There are tons of deals that you can use to save money on clothes, food, electronics, mobile and lots more.
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