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How to Find Jobs in Perth, Australia

More About Australia

The parts of the city in Australia, including Perth, are referred as suburbs, rather than south area, east area and similar. Suburbs are residential communities, part of the city, and multiple suburbs group into governance of a city. In Perth, people refer as citizens of north of the river or south of the river. Perth as a city has lots to offer, but its suburbs are cozy for living as well. However, access to the public transit called Transperth is a must for everyone.

Industries in Demand
The economy in Perth mainly focuses on the primary and tertiary sectors. In Perth, that means working in the mining industry. The city is rich with gold, iron ore, nickel, crude oil, diamonds, and natural gas, making it an excellent host to many companies in the mining industry. The industry employs nearly half of the people in the Perth area. Other industries where expats can find job easily are the engineering, research and development department. Healthcare workers are also high in demand, and highly appreciated. Expats need to keep an eye on jobs in education, retail and social services. Meanwhile, there are little to none job openings in industries such as finance, media, marketing, arts, and IT. Specialists in those industries are better off to search for jobs in Sydney.

employment_in_perth_waThe good thing about Perth is that working in the city often turns out to be a primer career opportunity. The economy is prospering, and there is potential for growth. If interested in a mining job, expats can make a long-life career in Perth. Last but not least, many people can find a job opening in hospitality-related jobs, including working in cafes and restaurants, retail business, hotels, bars and similar.

A Place for Job Vacancies
It is not hard to find a job in Perth, provided you have the necessary qualifications. Like in any other cities, expats willing to work in Perth must be proactive in their search for job openings.

  • The first and best way to search for a job is to contact a recruitment agency. Expats need to visit the office of the agency, where they can do tests and interviews. After which, the agency suggests several job openings, some of which are available straight away.
  • Another option is to look at notice boards in hotels, supermarkets and community bulletin boards. Often, there are part time jobs available. Sometimes, even people staying in the hotel can suggest a job opening or an opportunity.
  • When searching for a hospitality-related job, it is best to go out and ask in bars, restaurants and cafes. Jobs in this section are rarely advertised online or in companies. However, try to avoid searching for a job during busy hours (breakfast time, lunch or dinner). Even if they don?t have a job opening, ask for reference.
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Tips for Job Hunters.. not just in Perth

  1. Don’t sound like I-know-it-all. Nobody wants a show off. If you there is something don’t now know something, don’t hesitate to ask especially if it’s relevant to the job in question.
  2. Passion is good, but you cannot apply it all the time at work. In many cases, your passion for something develops over time and may even become part of your work. For instance, you have passion in marketing but your background is in web development. Find a common ground to develop expertise without leaving your day job, like acquiring skills on analytics, through your passion for marketing complemented by your technical know-how.
  3. Do not wait for your dream job, create it. Do a research about the industry you want to work in, and find the top companies in it.
    Learn how to listen to your prospect employer. They will employ you because they see your contribution to the company, and not because they want you to have a job.
  4. Start looking for positions that suits your skills very well, and if you can’t find an appropriate job, move down. Learn to compromise if opportunity you’re looking for isn’t there yet.
  5. Once you see a job opening in a company, do a research, and see how you fit in the organization. You can then craft your CV to align with company’s mission.
  6. Be aware of your body language during job interviews.
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