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Pros and Cons of Living in Sydney

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There are enormous reasons why people quoted Sydney as the world’s greatest city. Sydney remains a favorite place for study and travel. Despite the expensive cost of living, why exactly people remain in awe of Sydney. This article examines the pros and cons of living in Sydney.


Pros of Living in Sydney

  1. Beautiful weather. The climate in Sydney is temperate all-year round. That is to say, winter season is not freezing and summer’s not scorching.
  2. Government in Sydney cares. The government of Sydney has the Dole system which provides financial assistance to unemployed residents and citizens of the state. Under the program, a person is entitled to $121 rent assistance and other monetary gives fortnightly.
  3. Good salary. There is no doubt that workers in Sydney are receiving good wages. This is probably another reason why many people are planning to move out in Sydney.
  4. Sydney has low unemployment rate. Australia particularly Sydney has one of the lowest unemployment rate among countries plunging to 5%. So long as one is not lazy, there is a greater chance one can find a job.
  5. Beaches in Sydney are unparalleled. Sydneysiders take pride of their coastline beaches.
  6. There is so much to do in Sydney. Fun things to do in Sydney include cruising, Harbour Bridge climbing, whale watching, helicopter tour, etc.

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Cons of Living in Sydney

  1. Everything is pricey. This is probably the worst thing about Sydney. From food to transportation, the prices are simply sky-rocketing.
  2. It’s difficult to get SUPER rich in Australia. This is primarily because anyone who gets more job, the more the government levies taxes.
  3. Pollution. Heat waves in Australia prompt poor air quality. The pollution in the place which is the culprit of lung cancer in Sydney is said to be brought by wood-fire smoke, power station emissions and top soil.
  4. Bad traffic in Sydney. The traffic in Sydney is getting worse and is tagging the city as among the world’s worst cities in terms of traffic congestion.
  5. Crowded. Sydney is one of the most targeted locations of tourists in Australia. People are everywhere and every place gets congested. This might also explains the ever-increasing air pollution of the place.
  6. Sydneysiders are quoted as offensive, snobby people. Reports have it. People in the Sydney — whether they are migrants or citizens 00 seem to not care for other people especially in large cities where racial tension is present.
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