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What You Need to Do When You Face Deportation from UAE

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Deportation is the lawful expulsion of an undesirable alien or other person to a state or country. From the definition alone, deportation happens when a person does something that the state or country deemed undesirable according to their law or culture. In the UAE (United Arab Emirates) deportation happens for many reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons would be when a foreigner committed a serious crime involving drugs, sexual assault-related cases. In these cases, the accused would be immediately deported. This goes the same when a person is confirmed to have HIV or any communicable disease ( According to, UAE issues a deportation because of the following reasons:

  • if the accused has been convicted and the court has issued an order for his deportation;
  • if the accused has no apparent means of living; and
  • if the security authorities see that deportation is dictated by public interest, security or morals.

Cases when an OFW’s residence permit was cancelled or expired could also be issued an order of deportation by the GDNR (General Directorate of Naturalization and Residence). Issues of failed commitments such as the failure to pay debt can also be a cause for a travel ban and later on, deportation depending on how much the claimed amount is and the extent of benefit to the UAE if the accused stayed.

If this happens, the debtor can ask for a meeting his creditor using legal procedures through the Committee of Deportation and Travel Bans where the debtor could issue a petition to the prison administration for a meeting with the members. During this meeting, the debtor and the creditor could have a settlement to repay the debt.

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For criminal cases like the ones mentioned above and for the cases involving their residence permit the person who is accused or is caught red-handed by the authorities would be escorted to the airport and would most like be put to the country’s blacklist.

If the accused of any drug and sexual assault-related cases believes that they have been wronged, he can hire an attorney that specializes in deportation cases granting that the judge would allow this (

Workers with expired or cancelled residence permit would be fined AED100 after the 30-day grace period given by the court and AED25 per day if they decided to overstay. For the holders of an expired tourist visa, they are subjected to AED100 fine and AED100 per day of overstay. If the person fails to pay the fine, they will be subjected to three months of jail time and an order of deportation by the court after they served their jail time (

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Debtors would be given one or two weeks to pay their creditors while people with diseases would be given just enough time to call someone to pack their things before they would be escorted to the airport. People deported for having communicable diseases would most likely be blacklisted too.

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