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Can a Wife in the Philippines Sue Husband in a Relationship with Another Woman in UAE?

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For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. That is the promise that one makes when they are binding, committing, themselves to that one special person in front of all their family and friends and, of course, God with marriage.

However, there are still people who seem to forget that marrying someone also means being closed to the so-called dating market because that usually happens when you commit yourself to someone under the eyes of the Lord. Loyalty, respect and trust are the foundation of a strong marriage, with these three, why is the first one always being forgotten?

Here in the Philippines, adultery is a crime not only punishable by law but by social and religious construct. Nevertheless, adulterers don’t seem to find this threatening considering that there are still spouses who cheats not only once, not twice but many times and with different people. On the other side of the world, however UAE has the same view as cheating as here in the Philippines.

Marriage is a sacred vow to them as well as us and also conservatism is still very much on the range considering that UAE is a Muslim country that follows Muslim customs and laws and everyone who is living in the UAE, whether you are a citizen, an OFW or a visiting tourist, you are subjected to follow the laws of the land.

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In the case of suing a husband or a wife, for that matter, for having a sexual relationship with another person who is not their rightful and legal husband or wife it is considered to be punishable by law in accordance with the Article 356 of the Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 on the Issuance of the Penal Law. Therefore, according to this law, if the husband or wife is found in the act or is guilty with the charge of extramarital affair that happened while they are in the UAE, even if their husband or wife is based or is working in another country, they can still sued by their husband or wife if the affair has been proven to have happened in Dubai no matter what the nationality of the third party is.

According to the Federal Law, the crime of ‘indecent assault’ to another person consensually is punishable by detention for at least one year. With this, if you are really sure that your husband or your wife is having an affair while they are ‘working’ or ‘vacationing’ in Dubai then you may considering filing a complaint against your spouse and their partner. In addition to this, you are advised to seek the assistance of the Al Ameen service of the Dubai Police. You can also opt to personally take care of the situation and hire an attorney and file a complaint against your husband or wife. The authorities would also require for you to be present to record your complaint.

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  1. Paano po if husband na nsa pinas nambabae at nagkaanak sila ano po dapat has in my wife?hindi rin p.o. ginaganpanan by husband any responsibilities sa mag anak kahit may trabaho sya umaasa lang sa padala…

  2. matagal na akong hiwalay sa husband ko. at may bahay kami nakatayo sa lupa ng magulang nya. nalaman ko na doon nya tinitira yung kinakasama nya at may anak na sila. pwede ba ong concubinage na kaso sa kanila ?


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