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9 Things To Know About Working Part-Time in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates government has now allowed companies to hire employees from both inside and outside the country on part-time contracts.

For both employers and employees interested to take advantage of this new mandate, here’s what you should know.

1. The new system, implemented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, both Emiratis and foreigners in the UAE can now work for more than one employer without obtaining prior approval from their primary employer. Only a permit from the Ministry is required to do so.

2. Part-time contract workers, those who work less than eight hours a day, are entitled to one day off per week.

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3. Non-competitor clauses do not apply to such employees even if the employer claims conflict of interest related to divulging trade secrets, unless a court issues an order to this effect.

4. Main target of the new system are skilled professionals and are holders of university degree or higher and those who completed their diploma in any field.

5. Part-time contracts are limited only to specialised professions that require a high degree of scientific, technical and administrative skills and a minimum university qualification as well as technical jobs that require mental, scientific and technical as well as practical and supervisory skills of workers.

6. The original employer shall bear the fees levied by the ministry when contracting with a worker under the part-time job contract.

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7. The ministerial fee for the primary employer would range between AED150 and AED2,000, while the secondary employer would be required to pay AED100.

8. The primary employer shall also bear the employee’s annual leave, the end of service benefits and any other financial obligations in proportion to the number of actual working hours and the amount of the wage paid by the worker.

9. Part-time contracts cannot be changed into a full-time one unless it is terminated first or at the end of tenure of the part-time contract.

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