Just Arrived in Canada, What to Do Next?

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Everything gets worse before it gets better.

Everyone is talking about the better life in Canada, and everyone is applying for it. You get approved, you get your visa, and you are flying to Canada. What to do now?

First things first, get your SIN card or your Social Insurance Number from the Canadian government. You can also get your government health card at the same time as this. Second, find a place to stay and learn how to get there using public transport. Try to explore the neighborhood and look for the nearest store, grocery, gas station, etc… Third, get a phone and establish communication with your family. Fourth, is optional, if you’re going to drive a car, get your driver’s license and if you have family with you, get your children to school and your spouse settled.

Good for you if you already have a job waiting in Canada. If you don’t, start looking right now. Get as many referrals as you can and send out your applications. This might be a very challenging time for most individuals, often taking months of searching before getting a job.

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Don’t lose hope and don’t let yourself go down the bad rabbit hole of self-pity and self-doubt. Most important of all, don’t lose hope. Because if you lose hope, you pack up and go home, you waste your time, effort, and money from the start of the visa application up to now. Take a deep breath and relax for a bit.

Here’s what you should do.

If you are still in Manila, bring the maximum amount of money you can with you to Canada. It is best if you can have someone wire it to you for security purposes. As the above says, it can take months for you to find a job to support your family.

Second, establish a routine and stick to it. Here’s a tip, while you’re looking for a job, save all job postings and attach a copy of your sent documents to it so you have your own file with you just in case you get called for an interview. Apply for everything you are qualified for (even overqualified for), just get a job first. Visit immigrant support groups and organizations, they have advice you need.

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Third, utilize all your time so your mind is not idle. Use your job hunting as a distraction against self-pity. If you’re not busy looking for a job, do something that could help you keep you mind or body fit, or learn a new skill or language, learn to speak French. Get a quick credential. Start an exercise routine. Don’t stress yourself out and have a good sleep every night.

Also, prepare and dress warmly for winter.

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