9 Most In Demand Jobs in Australia

As of the recent 2014 data of Australian government, the unemployment rate in Australia remained unchanged at 5.8% which is considerably low compared to other countries. Contrary to many reports, there are sufficient job openings and positions all throughout the country from manual labor jobs to white collar jobs. Find out the top most in demand job positions in Australia.

1. Chefs. At present, there is a shortage of kitchen crews particularly cooks across the region of Australia primarily due to the said profession being removed from the Skilled Occupation List and strict English requirements. And the only means for cooks to go to Australia is through visa 457 which costs around 900 Australian dollars.

2. Hairdressers. Because of the stringent requirements of hairdressers in the UK, many are going to Australia as their alternative destination.

3. Retail assistants. It is projected through 2017 that there will be over 45,000 retail assistants needed in Australia. Requirement for this job: right and proper appearance.

4. Plumbers. A widely sought-after job, there is always a job opportunity for plumbers in Australia. It is estimated that 1 in 10 plumbers in Australia are foreigners.


5. Healthcare workers. Nurses need not to worry about having no place to work in Australia contrary to many reports. Job openings are not only exclusive for nurses but the government of Australia needs more clinical managers and physiotherapists in aged-care facilities.

6. Technology professionals. There is no doubt tech heads are needed in Australia as a result of thriving digital marketing technology. Some of the in demand job titles in Australia are business analysts, digital marketing managers, mobile app creators and IT project managers.

7. Accountants. The labor market of Australia needs accountants. Approximately, 21, 400 accountants are needed by 2017. The average monthly salary of accountants in Australia is $72,800.

8. Architecture professionals. This not only goes to landscape architects but also to interior designers, revit drafters and town planners. Candidates for this industry need to have proven working experience.

9. Manual laborers. One of the concerning side income opportunities all throughout Australia is doing manual jobs. Jobs such as carpenters, crane operators, electricians and skilled laborers are among them. Lots of vacancies for these aforementioned jobs are found in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Call to mind that whatever job a person is taking, he should be loving what he is doing. And to be successful in the job, the person has to perceive it as a career and not only a source of financial nourishment. 


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