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LinkedIn’s Best Employers to Work For in Australia

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Social media site LinkedIn recently released its 2013 list of Most InDemand Employers, which showed that Australian employees are opting for mining, construction and energy companies. The top ten most preferred by job seekers are the following:

1. Rio Tinto
2. Leighton Contractors
3. Google
4. John Holland
5. Origin Energy
6. Microsoft
7. Worley Parsons
8. NBN Co Limited
9. Qantas
10. Accenture

Tim Grogan, Talent Brand Strategist for LinkedIn cited that the list was based on brand engagement and brand reach among others. The results were based on over four million Australians that use the social media platform. Brand engagement refers to prospective candidates that are interested to work for companies while brand reach refers to individuals who are aware of the existence of the company. Grogan stated that there are presumptions that potential employees have already done some research to determine the environment and working conditions in each company.

Compared to 2012, industrial companies are now up to par with tech companies. Worley Parsons, a professional service company is the only brand based in Australia which is included in the global list. The entry of energy, construction and mining companies show how these industries are excelling in local areas. Australia is generally a resource economy so it is only fair that related companies would influence most Australians.

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Mining company Rio Tinto, Leighton Contractors and Google topped the list, with Google ranking number one globally. Rio Tinto is based in the United Kingdom while Leighton Contractors and Origin Energy are located in Sydney.

Tim Grogan referred to the Australian companies as “talent brand” which means that these businesses are very influential online and use a variety of strategies to communicate with the target audience. Good quality content is one of their main assets and these groups ensure that they provide updates and news regularly to the target market. The type of content is easy to read and understand, spurring people to immediately share and repost. Aside from targeting customers, these companies make it a point to reach prospective employees to get the right people and stay competitive.

Naomi Simson, founder of RedBalloon shared that SMEs or small and medium enterprises can also acquire great talent and useful employees by providing convenience and opportunities for innovation. Setting clear objectives and specific campaigns will appeal to potential candidates. Also explain what the business is all about both its long and short term goals. Focusing on the team will bring in the best workers for the job.

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