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3 Pinoy Restaurants in Australia That Will Make You Feel You’re Back Home

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Filipinos are known to be hard workers and family oriented. Bravery runs in our blood that we’re willing to do almost everything just to provide the needs of our loved ones even if it means working miles away from them and living to another country.

Luckily there are places in other countries that will lessen our homesick and will make us feel that we’re still at home just like in Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of Filipinos living in Australia had risen from 171,233 in 2011 to 232,386 in 2016. And since the Filipino community is growing rapidly in Australia, Filipino migrants thought of a way to help each other by sharing the Philippine feels with these top three Filipino Restaurants.

Mama Lor Restaurant & Bakery

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Once you enter Mama Lor Restaurant, you will be welcomed by a big sign that says, “There’s no place like home”. And that is certainly true because Filipinos gather here to socialize with each other and of course to taste delicious Filipino Cuisines.

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Mama Lor is a Family-owned Restaurant located at Rooty Hill, Sydney, NSW. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional Filipino dishes as well as its own recipe of high-quality bread and cakes.

They offer Filipino appetizers, sizzling, vegetables, soup dishes, grilled, seafood, noodles, bread, and desserts that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

If you want to take a sneak peek at their menu, visit their website here.

Sizzling Fillo Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

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Be proud of your roots and share authentic cuisine with your family and friends!
Sizzling Fillo is not just an ordinary restaurant, it is a fun place to gather and eat because of its Boodle Feast or Boodle fight menu. It is a recommended place for special events like birthdays, night-outs with friends, and family reunions.

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And of course, a Filipino gathering is not complete without Karaoke! They also offer beers if you want to chill and bond with your friends.

Visit Sizzling Filo at 36 Railway Street, Lidcombe NSW, and check their menus here.

Delikase Filipino Cuisine

Delikase (pronounced as “delicacy”) is one of North Canberra’s Filipino Restaurants. They offer home-cooked-style Filipino dishes and also accept party bookings.

They have Pancit, Pork Belly, Dinuguan, Banana Turon, and the ever-famous halo-halo. Yum, yum! But wait, that’s not the best part because Delikase Filipino Cuisine offers deliveries that can be ordered online if you’re too lazy to go out.

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Visit their Facebook page here.
Moving away from home is quite hard especially if you’re not used to changes. Some may experience culture shock, homesickness, and depression. But always remember that there are ways to prevent these experiences.

Sometimes, home can be found in food, places, and people around us because it’s not the blood that makes a family, it’s love.

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Rica is the founder and CEO of, a remittance company focused on Australia to Philippines money transfers. She is a Filipina who loves writing about anything under the sun and reading hi-fiction books (dragons!), good stories, dancing, laughter, lying on the grass, and eating balut.

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