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Understanding Australian Job Interviews

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Not so similar to the usual job-seeking process of other countries, applying for work in Australia almost entirely takes place on the web. This sounds like a child play but haunting for a job online can be otherwise a daunting task. Before discussing the essentials of Australian job interviews, it is proper
to talk about the very basics of the job-seeking process of the country.

What to Expect In an Australian Job Advert

A job advert presents the type of job, duration of job (full-time, part-time or contractual), qualifications needed, work experience required, salary package, information how to send job application (either mail or email), details of the contact person, and the closing date for application.

The applicant may wish to contact the person listed in the job advert to gain further insight about the job offer and the company. Yet, one caveat is that Australia is known for its hidden job market, meaning Australian employers prefer to hire workers for work through personal networks than the normal process of hiring. The reason for this is that employers prefer to hire someone through a set of personal connections to spare from the expensive costs of marketing and advertising.

The Interview Process

After submitting the resume, the person will be contacted via email or telephone for formal interview. Interview may be done over the phone, video conference, face-to-face or conduction of test (for technical professionals). Following the interview, the HR department of the company will then decide if the person is a qualifying candidate for the job opening. On average, the decision process takes about 2 weeks time.

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Job interview is a serious enterprise. The applicant should be ready and at least, have prepared answers in mind for the very basic questions. Show enthusiasm and genuine interest about the job position. It is also a wise move of the candidate to make some research about the company profile and the job position.

Australian job interviews may be formal or informal. The interview is likewise either conducted individually or through a panel of interviewers. Sometimes, a person goes through not only one interview session.

What to Expect during Australian Job Interview

During the interview, the candidate will be told about his job description in the company. The interviewer also verifies the information on the candidate’s resume especially his work experience. At the end of the interview session, the candidate will normally be given a chance to ask some questions about the job offer.

To help prepared for the interview, know who the interviewer is and the possible questions asked. During the interview, make sure to demonstrate specific examples that reflect the candidate’s skills and experience that the job requires. The candidate should also prove that he has a better know-how about the company or the organization. Refer to the web since the Internet is rife with possible and commonly asked questions during the interview. For non-native English speakers, overcome nervousness and give all the best during the job interview.

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