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Things To Do When You Arrive in Australia

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Australia is one of the most livable places on earth and so, it is always a dream of most people to study, work or live in Australia. But starting a new life in Australia is not a walk in a park. There are certain essential things one needs to do to enjoy fully whatever benefits await an Australian migrant.

Get a Tax File Number. To get started working in Australia, one should do this thing first. Applying for a TFN (Tax File Number) facilitates the person’s income including salary, payments and money from investments. Getting a TFN is easy; the person can phone the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or he can apply online.

australia_immigrationGet Protected with Medicare. A resident of Australia can trim down medical costs and expenses through Medicare. He can also enjoy free hospital care and subsidized medicines. In addition to that, Medicare can provide easy admission to different health care services and programs that are likewise accessible to the citizens of the country. However, services for dental, ophthalmology and ambulance are not covered by Medicare. To become a member of Medicare, the person should go to the nearest Medicare office. Requirements for the enrollment are passport and travel documents.

Own a Bank Account. People working in Australia get paid through bank. Anyone who takes in a job in Australia should open a bank account within six weeks of arrival. Requirements when opening a bank account is passport, and an extra identification following six weeks of opening the bank account.

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Be a Member of Centrelink. Centrelink is a government-owned institution designed to help people in looking for a job or enrolling a course. Centrelink also provide assistance for parents in sending their children to school. However, Centrelink doesn’t always come in handy for temporary residents or newly arrived migrants. They do not gain full access of the government services and are not also eligible for filing social security.

Study English. This tip goes out to those who cannot speak English well. Studying English is the key to a successful settlement in Australia. The good thing is that the course is given as a perk for newly arrived immigrants.

Send Children to School. It is mandated by the Australian law that migrants with children under the age of 15 should go to school.

Get a Driver’s License. If someone owns a car, then the person has to get a driver’s license to drive legally in Australia. Owning a car and obtaining a license trim down the transportation costs and anyone could travel to places anytime, anywhere. Depending on the state or territory, to obtain a driver’s license, the person should be able to pass the vision test, knowledge test and practical driving test.

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Meanwhile, if the person is a permanent resident from another country, he is allowed to drive in Australia for three months from the date of arrival.

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