Friday, July 1, 2022

How to Share Load Data to Another Etisalat User

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Emirates Telecommunications Corporation or Etisalat makes every possible way for owners of prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, such as transfer credit from their own accounts to other networks users.

As the largest telecommunications company in the Middle East, Etisalat allows users to transfer credit in every currency, regardless the country they live in. There are daily and monthly limits however, but owners can sign up for secure transfer which offers unlimited transfers.

In order to send credit to another user, owners must first have available balance on their phone. From there, it is fairly simple and easy.

  • Users must first enter the code for Etisalat credit transfer, then the Etisalat’s number they transfer credit to, and lastly, the amount of credit. The summarized action looks something like this:

    Dial #100*ReceiverNumber*DataInMB#
    For example, if you wish to send 1GB of data to number 0512345678, you’ll dial #100*0512345678*1000#
  • Once users enter the number and amount, they will receive a notification to allow the transfer. By pressing 1, they confirm transfer. Once the transfer is processed, users get another notification.
  • This option is for daily transfer with limits. In order to process credit through secure credit transfer, users need a different process. First, they open new SMS, type CTPIN and send to 1010. The system provides PIN, a number needed for secure transfer. The procedure is very similar to the daily transfer procedure.Users again need to type 100, number of cell phone, and then the amount. End it with the pin they receive. Say, for example, the PIN is 9871, the amount is 100 AED, and the number is 050 132 7814. The action for credit transfer looks something like this:


  • Next, users press OK, call or send button, and wait for confirmation message. To confirm the transfer, press 1.
  • For those who want to transfer credit internationally, users need to open new SMS, type the number in international format, and send to 1700. Users will receive message with instructions on how to proceed the transfer.
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When transferring money through Etisalat, users need to have several things on mind:

  • Postpaid: Minimum credit transfer is 2 AED. Daily maximum is 150 AED and monthly maximum is 500 AED.
  • Prepaid: Minimum credit transfer is 2 AED. Daily maximum is 150 AED and monthly maximum is 1,500 AED.
  • No registration is needed; the service is available to all customers of Etisalat.
  • Only prepaid accounts can receive credit, but everyone can send credit provided their account is active.
  • Domestic transfers are limited to 150 AED daily and 1,500 AED monthly.
  • Etisalat charges 5% per transaction for transfers. The fee is deducted from the sender.
  • International credit transfers are limited to 3 times per week and 10 times per month.
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