Filipina Arrested at Philippine Consulate HK Over Alleged Illegal Recruitment

A 40-year-old Filipina was arrested at the premises of the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong for alleged illegal recruitment, The SUN reported.

The woman had obtained money reportedly by deception from a Filipina domestic worker who was promised jobs in Canada. The arrest was witnessed by several people, including Filipinos who queued up for services at the Philippine Consulate.

“The woman was suspected to have deceived a 37-year-old foreign woman by claiming to arrange a job for her in an overseas country. The victim had paid around HK$27,900 in total as application fee,” a police spokesman said. It added that the arrested woman was released on bail but was required to report back in mid-April for further investigation.

Hong Kong Police do not normally provide names of the accused or the complainant in cases reported to them.

Consul Paulo Saret of the assistance to national section said the alleged victim had filed a complaint against the recruiter for allegedly offering to get her a job overseas. After considerable amount of time waiting and no job was offered, the alleged victim asked for her money back but the suspect was unwilling to do so.

“We invited them here to try and settle their dispute pero nagmatigas pa si Ate at siya pa ang matapang,” said Saret. “The two women left and shortly later we learned that the recruiter was arrested by police,” the consul said.

Saret said it turned out that before going to the meeting at ATN, the alleged victim went to the police to report the alleged scam.

The duped worker had told ATN that the police had advised her to call them if the alleged scammer did not return her money.

Some of those who witnessed the arrest of the alleged scammer said the complainant had told them that there were at least two other victims who were also promised jobs in Canada.