Taxi Line Banned From NAIA After Driver Runs Away With OFW’s Belongings

The entire fleet of Queensmen taxi is now banned from operating within the premises of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport after one of its drivers was found guilty of taking away an airport passenger’s bag containing valuables, an official from the Manila International Airport Authority confirmed.

Passenger Catalina Prado, a laser technician working in Oman, arrived at NAIA on July 16 and took the Queensmen taxi driven by Rodel Ormillo with plate number AB 1130.

After being charged with a flat rate of P1,700 to go to Muntinlupa, Prado asked to transfer to another cab. However, while she was unloading her luggage, Prado noticed that one of her bags is missing. The bag reportedly contained five pairs of earrings, one gold necklace with an estimated value of P25,000 to P30,000, three pieces of watches with an estimated value of P17,000 to P25,000, passbook and ATM card with P243,000, personal items worth P6,000, employment documents, and chocolates.

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She immediately rushed towards Ormillo’s taxi but the driver sped away.

Airport police officers, with the help of the taxi operator, were able to track Ormillo on Thursday, July 19, and they were reportedly able to recover the valuables of the victim.

Airport police officers, along with Prado and some barangay officials, went to Ormillo’s residence. The driver initially denied that the bag was in his possession. The officers said Ormillo eventually admitted to the act and also confessed of pawning three pairs of earrings and the necklace.

Ormillo is currently facing robbery charges before the Pasay City’s Prosecutor’s office.

Prado, meanwhile, commended the airport officials for helping her retrieve her cash.

Last March, MIAA has banned all units of Eazy First taxis, after one of the fleet’s drivers was found guilty of overcharging.