Filipina Helper in HK Almost Got Caught Doing Part Time Work

A 38-year-old Filipino domestic helper vowed not to work part time again after her experience in the home of a Chinese man.

On December 3, the woman, nicknamed Lenglui, or “pretty girl” in Chinese, was fetched at the MTR station by a Chinese man whom she was referred to by a fellow Filipina. She was then brought to the man’s apartment in Kennedy Town and was given instructions what to do.

Lenglui described the place as messy and believed the man was the only resident in the apartment.

The man then hastily left, telling the Filipina he’ll be on a breakfast meeting.

After 30 minutes the man sent her a text message telling her he will back to pick up some things he forgot. But even before he arrived, Lenglui noticed an identification card hung on the wall and discovered that the man was employed as an immigration officer.

Although this left her shocked, Lenglui managed to compose herself and left the premises. She then texted the man acknowledging what she did — do part time work in Hong Kong while holding a domestic worker visa — was illegal and promised not to repeat the offense.

She then erased all messages on her phone and shut it down. Lenglui feared she might be tracked down or got captured in the surveillance camera. She also looked for the Filipina friend who made the moonlighting referral but she was nowhere to be found. She then realized she might have been setup to be caught performing illegal work in Hong Kong. Domestic workers are barred from working outside the premises of their employers as stipulated in their contracts.

Lenglui, without revealing her true identity, said she wanted to share her story as a warning to fellow overseas Filipinos not to trust anyone. She likewise warned against performing illegal work such as part time jobs.