Filipino Catering Assistant in Limbo After Bahrain Employer Takes Passport ‘Hostage’

A Filipina working for a cleaning contract company in Bahrain is seeking justice after her employer confiscated her passport and refused to return it to her unless she pays ‘ransom’ money.

In a report by DT News, Jeny Agbulig, who is working as cleaner and catering assistant for an unnamed company, said it has been five months since her passport was taken away.

“The case is now in the court and I have no clue as to when the verdict will be out. I have a sponsor who is willing to hire me, but I am unable to transfer myself to another sponsor as I don’t have my passport with me,” said Agbulig.

“I am currently living at a friend’s place after leaving my place for safety. The sponsor and his driver used to roam around my apartment in their cars during night. Once the driver came up to my apartment and started banging on my door. I was terrified and I moved to my friend’s place a few hours after they left,” Jimy said indicating harassment by the sponsor.

In March, the employer called her for a meeting and without notice, she was told to leave the company. He cancelled her visa on May 2, and refused to give her passport back until she paid him the money he demanded.

Agbulig then discovered forgery on her employment contract when she took the case to the Ministry of Labour to get her passport and pending salary.



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