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“It’s Time to Go Home, Ma!”

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This was the heartwarming message of the son of a Filipina domestic worker who has spent the past 20 years in Hong Kong as he picked her up and joined him on an ASEAN jet-setting trip.

Referring to the event as his mother’s graduation, Hans Alcazanre said he was picking her up as her mother she’s already overstaying in the city.

Alcazanre was six when her mother left the family to work in Hong Kong.

He admitted that he was angry and could not understand why she had to leave her seven children behind.

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He couldn’t imagine how it was for his mother, who was tired at work, to accept a series of bad news coming from home. He recalled it must not be easy for his mother to deal with moving from one place to another and transferring to different schools. But after 20 years, Hans realized how the sacrifice of his mother’s efforts bore fruit.

She managed to send her children to school. Now she’s produced a Certified Public Accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist, a civil engineer, a registered master plumber, and soon an information technologist.

As he looked back, Hans acknowledged the struggles they went through. His mother had to borrow money to get them to school, along with cash advances from her employer, Mr. Lee, it left her with little or no salary at payday.

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Hans recalled God had blessed and guided them, leading to a bright future for him and his siblings. He also went out to express gratitude to his mother’s friends, who never wavered in extending help to the family.

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