Filipino, Africans Arrested in Macau for Drug Offenses

Macau authorities arrested three men on multpiple drug violations during a Monday morning raid.

A 41-year-old Filipino, surnamed Batanhan, was caught in possession of 2.2 grams of ketamine in a casino at 1am in the Nape area, according to Macao Daily News. He also admitted he had a methamphetamine habit.

Also arrested were Malian citizens, surnamed Toure, 36, and Samate, 37, who were nabbed in a washroom near the Camoes Grotto tourist spot.

Police operatives earlier received a report that someone has been trafficking drugs at a casino, sent follow-up investigation, and later apprehended the suspects.

Police said the suspects had been trafficking drugs for at least six months, mainly providing supplies for nightclubs.