Filipino Fisherman Rescued As Storm Sweeps Him, Uncle From General Santos to Papua New Guinea

A Filipino fisherman was rescued in Papua New Guinea after drifting at sea for nearly two months, a report from PNG Post Courier said Saturday.

Roland Omongos, 21, left General Santos in a fishing boat together with his uncle Reniel Omongos in January 13, but they soon encountered bad weather and were swept out to sea, separating them from their main vessel and left the duo stranded on a tiny boat without provisions.

Along the way, both had to rely on drinking rainwater gathered from a one-gallon jug on hand.

“Rolando told me they lost their voices after one week and my brother later died. My son said he cried but his eyes were dry,” she told AFP, speaking by phone from the Philippine port of General Santos.

“He told me he kept his uncle’s body on the boat in case a ship came to rescue them, but there was nothing and so he threw it into the water when it started to smell,” she added.

He survived on two five-liter containers of water and was found weak and distressed by the Bermadethe Marie which was journeying from Wewak to Rabaul, a town on the Papua New Guinean island of New Britain.

Omongos has been examined by doctors and is being held on the boat in Rabaul while arrangements are made for his return home, the Post Courier added, giving no further details.