China Mulls Visa-Free Entry For Philippine Passport Holders

The People’s Republic of China is considering the possibility of waiving visa requirements for Filipinos who wish to to travel into the country.

The plan was revealed by Jose Santiago “Chito’’ L. Santa Romana as he talked to senators and congressmen who are members of the foreign affairs committee of the bicameral Commission on Appointments as he explained why the CA should confirm his appointment as Philippine Ambassador to China.

The visa-free entry proposal, Santa Romana said, is part of a wide range of agreements forged by President Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping upon the former’s state visit to China in October.

Included in the agreements is the plan to improve tourism industries of both countries. Santa Romana said the number of Chinese tourists arriving in the Philippines has doubled after the Duterte state visit.

However, this does not mean that the Philippines has softened its stance against illegal immigration as the country must protect its economic interest and sovereignty, he said.

Santa Romana was one of the active militant students that staged demonstrations in the early 70s against then President Marcos. He and a few other militants later sought refuge in China.