How Lost Passport Paved Way for OFW to Enter Business

One of the worst things that could happen in foreign land would be losing your passport, but the misfortune sparked Dave Almarinez’s entrepreneurial journey.

Almarinez was fresh from college when he started working as a financial consultant in Singapore, but even with a steady income, barely manages to save money because of monthly stipends to his family.

Almarinez lost his passport and the man who returned his lost passport opened to him the idea of direct selling. Almarinez quit his post and invested P50 000 to the beverage venture which he took back home.

Growing up to an average salary family, the former financial consultant has always labeled himself as having a risk-taking attitude, oftentimes selling peanuts, corncobs and snacks in elementary school to earn additional money.

It may sound absurd to leave or quitting a fair-paying job just to pursue a business and in a field where Almarinezz has no background or connections whatsoever.  Once back in the Philippines, no one dared to take the leap to join his direct-selling business, even his invited friends and relatives, but “In hindsight, it only drove me to do better and prove to my naysayers that I can make it,” Almarinez shares.

With this mindset and determination in mind, Almarinez found local partners and managed to grow a business named Nature’s Sunshine, which was eventually renamed Synergy, to 37 local distribution centers, even increasing the company’s profits by 300% during his last three years as its head in the country.

Dave Almarinez

The 41-year-old entrepreneur found another calling in 2007, to serve the general public. In the Philippines, there is an issue of malice when they hear you’re a businessman and a public servant at the same time. However Almarinez says that it actually helps disciplines public servants to do better with their jobs because they’re more prone to issues as more eyes are watching you.

Almarinez has been serving as an elected board member of the provincial government of Laguna while simultaneously heading a new direct marketing company, Organo Gold. This Canada-based direct selling giant sells various products like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even personal care items, and now has presence in 44 countries.

Almarinez admits that the job is not easy considering the multiple responsibilities he has, but immediately credits the team behind him. “It’s tempting to have the superman thinking and do everything at once, but no matter how great you are, you will need help,” Almarinez shares.

The direct-selling company aims to give its distributors financial independence with its comprehensive membership plans. Anyone who signs up as a distributor may choose a starter pack which can earn them around 10 to 20% commission from every product they sell. Their commission grows once they start to invite more members in their team, becoming a smal distribution company themselves, and heading their own businesses.

“We’re not just giving opportunities, but also the proper skill set to do business. Anyone can earn more, as long as they’re willing to do their part of the job,” Almarinez says.