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5 Rules to Lead a Rewarding Professional Life in Bahrain

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Bahrain is often termed as ‘the Middle Eastern Lite’ is a country going boom-boom with a multitude of opportunities. It sure is a big deal for a small island nation on the Western shore of Persian Gulf, but is it really that simple to lead a professional life full of growth and blissful results in hand?

One of the most westernized and cosmopolitan countries in the Middle East, Bahrain is known for the freedom and tolerance inculcated amongst the local for years now. This does give a number of professionals the right reason to flock to this part of the world and search for the best of job avenues that come with immense prospects of professional development. Moreover, known due to its financial institutions, it is one of the few Gulf nations that looks ahead to build on a non-oil reliant economy. However, the most significant concern in your head might be the secret to having a great professional life here. It’s no rocket science to understand. Here are 5 such tips that will help you in the same regard.

1) Keep your Approach Focused

Now that you have a high paying job in a country as exotic as Bahrain, experimentation is the first thing boggling your head. However, an important fact to notice is that the employers here are quite specific about job roles. They prefer employees who know their area of expertise in-and-out. The secret to taking the right career launch is to stay healthily engaged with your network in the country, yet holding on to your skin tightly. If not anything, this will make you one of the most dedicated and determined employees in the eyes of your Bahraini hiring manager.

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2)  Lookout for Opportunities to Learn

Home to numerous multinational corporations employing workers from different parts of the world, there has been a huge diversification the job market in the country has undergone during the last couple of years. There’s a good chance of 2-3 people already looking out for your job role, the moment you start underperforming. This sure does call for a need to re-look at your growth strategy and learn tactics that earlier seemed unimportant. Be prepared, notice and seize whatever comes your way.

3) Get the Hang of Work-Life Reality in your Company

Who knows, there might be people from different continents you are working with. While you sit there fretting over the culture-shock happening to you, there are employees stepping out of their comfort zones and working on the same. Hence, this calls for a need to understand how your fellow employees manage their lives outside the workplace. If necessary, talk to your colleagues and get the right tips over blending in with the Bahraini culture. Believe you me, once you get the right hack – things wouldn’t be the same rigorous and tedious!

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4) Take Some Time Off and Travel

While, you might be all caught up with targets and reports, there’s an awful load you’re missing on, if not travelling in this beautiful country. Be it the Bahrain International Karting Circuit in Sakhir or the National Museum in Manama, the Lagoon Park in Al Muharraq or the House of Sout Music that pleases huge numbers in Manama, there’s still a bunch you didn’t get your eyeballs on.

5) Expand Your Outreach

Well, this is one of the major concerns while working anywhere on foreign soil. To your luck, Bahrain harbors a multitude of expat communities staying intact with their culture, which makes it all the more easier for you to network and know as much people as you can. Sign up with support groups, volunteer for projects and before you know, there’ll be people to turn up to in your vicinity.

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Bahrain has immense that will make you grow in every aspect. It’s all about getting hold of the right things. Happy working!

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anshumanAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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