Friday, November 24, 2023

5 Common Misconceptions About OFWs

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There are many wrong notions and misunderstandings about being an OFW. It is a common mental disease among Filipinos left behind in the country who fail to recognize the real hard facts about working abroad — alone, isolated, and distant in many ways. In true reality, OFWs are not living on beds of roses. They endure not only physical separation but also emotional and mental hardships. Find out the top 5 common fallacies about Filipinos working and living abroad.

OFWs have pretty lives.

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Do not be lured by the scenic photos, adventure trips, and large balikbayan boxes posted on social media sites. They do not reflect on the real lives of OFWs. Behind the camera, the life of OFWs is not pretty as it seems.

OFWs own big houses

Particularly in the Middle East, OFWs are living in incommodious quarters with poor living conditions. A single refrigerator is shared by a dozen of workers (or more) with a higher chance of having their items mixed (with others) and stolen. They live in such conditions to save money and send them to families back home.

Life is lonely abroad.

While there are more high-paying jobs broad, this is not the sole basis of happiness for many overseas Filipino workers. One of the challenges they face is the lonely life where they are miles away from their loved ones. Life can be even duller when they work in a place with a different language that they cannot speak.

OFWS owns lots of cash.

Many people perceive OFWs as banks. The ugly truth is that when somebody needs a financial source at home, the first person they always have in mind is those working abroad. Thus, for these people, earning money is a walk in the park. OFWs are not banks and their money is not infinite. What they normally earned is enough for the basic needs of/her families way back home.

OFWs are free from debt.

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Coexisting with going abroad are financial liabilities. For example, going to Australia entails cash out of nearly a million pesos. While they might find a decent salary in the country, considering the debts (along with the interest), higher cost of living, and financial commitments to family, it will take a long time for them to get out of debt.

These are only a few myths and misconceptions about Filipinos working abroad. OFWs are modern heroes of today’s generation not only because they contribute immensely to the country’s economic stability but more than, the homesickness and not being with their loved ones for years during special events and occasions are ungrateful realities that every Filipino worker endures abroad.

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