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POEA’s List of 50 Recruitment Firms With Bad Repatriation Records

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Fed up with failed promises and repeated infractions, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration disclosed a list of 50 employment agencies who were unable to facilitate repatriation of distressed overseas Filipino workers.

Enough already. We are publishing the names of 50 recruitment agencies with the most number of repatriation cases with documentary suspension before the POEA. These recruiters have displayed poor judgment in terms of complying with their promise to repatriate distressed OFWs,” said POEA administrator Hans Leo Cacdac’s Facebook post.


The list of offending agencies was made available to the public:

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  • Asmara International Placement Agency Inc.
  • World Production International Manpower Corp.
  • Al Masiya Overseas Placement Agency Inc.
  • Realworld Corp.
  • Dalandan International Manpower, Inc.
  • Nawras Manpower Services Inc.
  • PhilTrade International Manpower Services
  • Asean Management and Technical Services Inc.
  • The Lamplight International Manpower Services Inc.
  • Aisis International Manpower Inc
  • Al-Ahram International Manpower Services Inc
  • ASAP Placement Intl Corp
  • Elbeitam Management Services Inc
  • Jamal Human Resource Internationale
  • Wanda Resources and Manpower Corp
  • Wavex Management Services Inc
  • Al Awael International Manpower Inc
  • Futuristic International Artist (FIA) Promotion Corp
  • Acclaimed One Manpower and Recruitment Services
  • First Step Manpower Int’l Services
  • Goldmine Int’l Recruitment Agency
  • Meccaj Manpower Int’l Services
  • Mi Amore International Services Inc
  • MSS Talent Management Services Inc
  • Rochart Global Resource Center
  • Samarec Service Master Placement Agency Co.
  • Samba Master Recruitment Service
  • Saranay Philippines Inc
  • ABC Manpower Agency Inc
  • Al-Habib International Services Corp
  • Crystal Falah-Ville International Manpower Services Inc
  • Helal Manpower Agency
  • House of Skilled Workers Int’l Manpower Services Corp
  • Kimobo International Personnel Services
  • Kougen International Promotion
  • Nouveau Riche International Recruitment Services
  • Osims Oriental Skills Intl Manpower Services Inc
  • Philglobal Manpower Development Corporation
  • Ridzkey Human Resources International Services
  • White Wings Manpower Exponent
  • A.B.U. Talent Management Inc
  • Al Rafedain Manpower Intl Corporation
  • Al Taka Manpower Services Inc
  • AP International Staffbuilders Inc
  • Awas Manpower Services Inc
  • Dobim International Manpower Services
  • Hikari Management International Inc
  • Jardy International Promotion Agency
  • MMS Asia Group Resource Corporation
  • Muraken International Manpower Services

Source: POEAChief Facebook Page


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