Filipino Nurse in Wales Working Extra Shift Killed in Freak Accident

A Filipino nurse in the United Kingdom was killed after he stumbled on a pavement and fell under the wheels of a lorry located just outside of his hospital.

Anecito Obsioma, 55, was on his way to work on extra shift at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff when the accident happened. According to a report by Mail Online, he was supposed to be off duty that day but took on extra hours of duty so he could earn extra money to help his family pay for his sister’s medical bills in the Philippines.

Obsioma stumbled on a kerb and fell under the lorry’s wheels just a few yards away from the hospital’s accident and emergency department. The Scania lorry was in the hospital’s vicinity to delivery food to the hospital.

Doctors and nurses immediately rushed to his aid but Obsioma expired just hours later.

A colleague named Robert Sullivan lamented on the state of pavements at the site of the accident where repair works at the time forced pedestrians to walk into the road or ambulance bay before making a turn to the pavement where Obsioma, popularly known as Cito to friends, tripped.

‘It was his day off but he went in for the overtime to try to earn a bit more money to send home for his sister’s medical expenses.

‘He loved his work and his patients. He always cared for everyone,’ Sullivan said.

The coroner’s court in Cardiff was told that Obsioma has been employed as a theatre nurse for 10 years at Wales’ largest hospital. On that tragic day, Cito was a ‘little bit late’ as he walked to the hospital from his home nearby at the Cathays district of Cardiff.

Lorry driver Michael Wilkins told the inquest that at around 8:10am on November 12 last year he noticed a man, later identified as Cito Obsioma, cross the road.

‘I saw someone walking on my left hand side and as I passed him he seemed to be stepping onto the pavement when he stumbled,’ Wilkins said.

‘I looked in my left wing mirror and I saw him hit the side of the truck and bounce off it and fall onto the pavement.

‘I didn’t see if I had run over him. I hit the brakes and ran back and he was on the road and already being looked after by people,’ he added.

An eyewitness to the incident, hospital visitor Geoffrey Watson was driving in the opposite direction when he saw Obsioma trip and fall under the rear wheels of the lorry.

University Hospital of Wales. Photo credit:
University Hospital of Wales. Photo credit:

‘The pavement wasn’t in very good condition and he missed his footing and fell under the back wheels.

‘People came out from A&E straight away to attend to him,’ Watson said.

Footage from close-circuit television caught the moment Obsioma hit the curb with his right foot as he attempted to step back onto the pavement from a short detour on the road.

Assistant Coroner Tom Atherton said there were no drugs or alcohol in Mr Obsioma’s system which could have led to him being unsteady on his feet that morning and ruled that the Filipino nurse died from multiple injuries.