56 Out Of 560 Examinees Pass Teacher's Board Exams in Hong Kong

Fifty-six out of 560 Filipino workers who took the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) adminstered by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) held in Bayanihan Centre, Hong Kong last August have passed the exams.

Results posted by the Professional Regulation Commission on Nov. 5 showed that only 29 out of 294 examinees on August 17 successfully passed the test for elementary school teachers. For secondary school teachers’ exams, only 27 out of 266 examinees became qualified teachers.

While this year’s result was a disappointing drop from the 31.6% passing rate recorded in 2013 among 400 aspiring licensed teachers, it was better than 2011 when Hong Kong examinees set an all-time low mark of 7.26%. Nevertheless, the low performance results among this year’s examinees resurrected the idea of PRC suspending the exam in Hong Kong.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office which helps administer the LET in Hong Kong said it hopes the newly licensed teachers would consider going back home to teach.

A Filipino teacher
A Filipino teacher

The dates and venues for the oathtaking ceremonies of the successful examinees will be announced later, the PRC said.

The successful examinees in Hong Kong are:

Acorda, Perla Genobili;
Bacud, Adona Barber;
Bersabal, Loida Penido;
Blase, Marilyn Canja;
Boncales, Reina Dakina;
Dacles, Maricel Sulleza;
Daligdig, Mary Jul Agunos;
Delgado, Annelyn Leyrita;
Duran, Bernadelle Manaois;
Galan, Gretchelle Eroja;
Ganir, Clarence Alwag;
Harochoc, Ma Joy Olivares;
Idia, Gerlita Garma;
Nacion, Novelyn Montefalcon;
Pagtiilan, Rowena Dapiawen;
Palparan, Fely Nicoyco;
Piquero, Lilia Marie Carrera;
Pugao, Umie Manoy-ap;
Sabug, Emma Estuesta;
Sanguenza, Rosie Lane Polinar;
Saracho, Jo Vannesa Ebron;
Sarcia, Lawrence Macunat;
Saunil, Chedy Rabino;
Semillano, Christie Rebaldo;
Sobremisana, Anna Liza Vargas;
Tangan, Avelina Soriano;
Valdez, Cecilia Lacandula;
Valencia, Connie Garque;
Villasin, Donalyn dela Cruz.

Abellera, Ma Teresa Cisneros;
Agustin, Melannie Slud;
Attaban, Rhea Buctayon;
Baliyang, Bevelyn Mallonga;
Bantawan, Florence Peralta;
Barcena, April Rose Ellana;
Bautista, Gina Carag;
Bayucan, Sheril Tolentino;
Candelario, Vemelyn Paranis;
Catenza, Emalyn Sacatani;
Dela Cruz, Jennifer Lazo;
Domallig, Jocelyn Gallawon;
Faguinney, Reina Fegcan;
Gallarda, Rose Gandullas;
Jornadal, Annabel Jacob;
Lacson, Dulce Joy Arondain;
Malacad, Belle Talde;
Manzanilla, Janelyn Albuera;
Maoican, Jerelyn Cacao;
Margallo, Josie Enila;
Marquez, Jenelyn Rabina;
Monteverde, Rosa Mejos;
Pinkihan, Julie Dulnuan;
Ponferrada, Irene Narrido;
Prodigo, Mae Mandate;
Reluya, Lorna Canonego;
Singao, Sherylmae de Guzman.

Registration for the issuance of professional identification card (ID) and certificate of registration started on Nov. 5.