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15 Simple Things Filipinos Can do to Help the Philippines

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The Philippines has the world’s 73rd freest economy as of the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom ranking among 178 countries. But despite the improved financial standing of the country, the Philippines’ overall rating remains below average. To push growth and development, here are the 15 simple things Filipinos can do to help the Philippines.

Proper disposal of garbage.

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This single act will not solely help the Philippines but likewise the world. While the Philippines is not the world’s dirtiest country, the fact remains that the country is running out of spaces where millions of tons of trash can fill in.

Follow traffic rules.

Heavy traffic has become a mundane problem that Filipino workers encounter daily. When people obey traffic rules, there are no accidents on the streets, drivers will keep their licenses and people can come to work early.

Save energy.

There is still no end in sight to the energy crisis that plagues the country. While sustainable energy in the Philippines is feasible, there seems to be no way to put this plan into action. Conserve energy by turning off the television and computer sets when not in use. If the air is fresh, put off the air-conditioning appliance or electric fan.

Conserve water.

Water is precious and is essential to life. Save water by reporting water leakage and ensuring that faucets are adequately shut before leaving home.

Report a corrupt government official.

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Out of 177 countries, the Philippines marks the 94th spot as the most corrupt country. The improvement of the Philippines’ ranking can be rooted in the brave hearts of a few Filipinos who reported fraudulent government officials.

Promote tourism in the country.

The promotion of tourism in the country provides job opportunities to Filipinos and will help the country to get recognized positively on the global scene.

Sponsor a Filipino student.

Shares one’s blessings by funding a Filipino student to go to school. Hence, the percentage of out-of-school youth in the country is gradually downsized. This doesn’t have to be an individual effort; alumni associations, civic groups, or members of community organizations can contribute to sending a deserving but financially deprived student to school.

Share news via social media.

Whether rich or poor, nearly all people use social media. Use social networking websites to spread the news and other essential information. Just make sure communication is credible and not fake spread by rumormongers.

Support the country’s local products.

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Promoting and advertising local products is a great help to local investors; farmers, in particular.

Vote wisely.

Every vote matters. Only entrust your vote to the most deserving official. Get rid of corrupt and phony government officials by studying their platforms carefully.

Stay healthy.

Staying healthy projects a reasonable expectancy rate for the country and lower costs for healthcare. Healthy workers increase the productivity of the company and contribute to growth while sick ones can stretch the limits of health facilities.

Pay taxes.

Despite hearing the news about corruption almost every day, every Filipino earning a taxable income in the country must remit taxes to the government so it can continue to finance livelihood projects and programs.

Volunteer to teach.

A large portion of the Philippines’ population still lacks access to education. Teaching for free, especially in far-flung areas is considerably a Good Samaritan act.

Develop discipline.

Most of the time, the lack of discipline and concern among Filipinos has hindered the development of the country. By practicing good discipline and care — not discarding rubbish in rivers, following traffic rules, or

Get active in the community.

May it be a community firefighter, a church leader, or a disaster volunteer, you are helping the country!

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