4 Reasons Why OFWs Should Fly Cebu Pacific

We earlier mentioned about why overseas Filipino should not fly Cebu Pacific. Delayed flights, poor customer support and lack of adequate legroom in the cabin are among the reasons we cited.
 But to be fair with Cebu Pacific, there are also reasons why OFWs should take this carrier when traveling in and out of the Philippines.

1. Cheap fares
Cheap fares has been a well-known description of Cebu Pacific over the years. Unfortunately, this is also sometimes unfairly associated with the airline brings. The bottom line is that Cebu Pacific offers cheap fares, something many OFWs who wish to spend less on transportation costs to maximize savings of their hard-earned dollars for loved ones back home. Cebu Pacific offers regular Piso fares, seat sales and other offers. By making food and luggage an extra cost meant people have the chance to pay less than spend on something that they don’t need to avail and only wish to pay for the actual fare.

2. More frequent flights
Cebu Pacific offers more flights than competition in places like Hong Kong and Singapore. This means there’s more seats available for everyone. Also, with more frequent flights, passengers have the choice in time of travel. During peak seasons like Christmas, Cebu Pacific is in better position to accommodate more passengers.

3. Wider regional reach
Cebu Pacific flies to 34 domestic and 24 international destinations. For OFWs this means the airline is likely to accommodate a hometown than its competition. OFWs from Virac, Catanduanes or Cauayan, Isabela may be relieved to find out that Cebu Pacific flies from Manila into their cities. Cebu Pacific’s refleeting program is aimed at reaching more destinations not only in the Philippines, but also international cities as the Philippines tries to adopt the “open skies” policy. Currently Cebu Pacific flies to international destinations such as Dubai, Sydney, Kuwait, Bali, Xiamen, Hanoi, Seoul and Osaka.


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4. More international flights planned
Planned expansion of destinations means it becomes easier to fly from places where OFWs work directly to the Philippines. Its first long-haul flight to Dubai starts in October offers on-board wi-fi service, as more international flights are in the pipeline: Europe, Middle East, Oceania and the USA. Soon as air negotiations between governments of the Philippines and counterparts from other countries, Cebu Pacific will soon be able to fly to these places and bring home more Filipinos, riding the airline that’s truly one of their own.

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