Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Australia

Australia is known to be one of the most livable places in the world whether you’re a retiree, young professional or about to start a family. Filipinos are becoming more interested in migrating to Australia for several good reasons.

Getting a working or permanent visa is relatively easy if you comply with all the requirements and have stable finances to start with. Many Filipinos who begin working in Australia will most likely move their entire family because of the vast benefits that are available to new citizens. You will discover several great things about the country such as its great weather, monetary benefits and generally friendly residents, among others.

The Australian Advantage

sydney-australia1. Friendly people. 
Australians have been ranked among the friendliest people in the world. And that’s because despite an influx of multiple cultures, local community generally accepted them without feeling of discrimination.

2. Beautiful landscapes. 
Australia is also well-known for its vast natural resources and attractions. People will find a number of parks, beaches, deserts and natural wonders that will make them love the terrain more. The country is also home to millions of species of flora and fauna. People will find some rare animals in certain places. These will be very good for growing children to experience.

3. Professional opportunities. 
Australia provides many professional opportunities, particularly to skilled workers like teachers, engineers, architects, accountants, nurses and agriculturists. There are plenty of job openings for graduates of special courses. The market in the country is constantly growing so new immigrants can enjoy huge amounts of income, depending on the company and their position.

4. Health benefits. 
Immigrants will also enjoy a wide array of health benefits. They can get free medical care and aid for various ailments and emergencies. The government will provide allowances for pregnant women and new mothers. Individuals can also get free checkups and medicine depending on the type of health plan they have.

5. Great place to raise children
A recent study by the Economist showed that Australia is the second best place to be born, next to Switzerland. And that’s not just because of its welfare system or friendly people. Factors considered in ranking Australia that high include social and cultural characteristics, international policies and the state of  the world’s economy.

Some of the Disadvantages of Living in Australia

1. Wildlife threats. 
Because Australia has some of the richest ecosystems in the world, locals and Filipino immigrants should expect some untoward encounters with dangerous creatures like raccoons, birds and even sharks. People have to be especially careful when touring beaches, forests and parks. The government also has laws that protect wildlife and natural attractions so human victims may not always get the needed benefits or can even be fined for destroying nature.

2. Homesickness. 
Living in a foreign country is always expected to result to lonely feelings at times. Many Filipinos living and working in Australia will experience boredom or mild depression at times for being away from their fellow Filipinos. It is, therefore, recommended to seek out the local Filipino community or support group in a given area where you intend to migrate so you don’t get too homesick once you’re there.

3. Extreme weather.
While we mention good weather as an advantage, extreme weather conditions have become prevalent in Australia lately. The country experienced a very hot weather recently, so hot that a new color was added into the weather map. Such extremely hot temperature brings the threat of bush fires that could destroy large swaths of properties. Flooding is also becoming a common experience for Australians.

Australia is a vast land with vast opportunities for migrants of all nationalities. Because there is so much of the country to develop, the government is actually encouraging people to reside and populate. Nevertheless, Australia is still classified as a first-world country where abundance is normal and expected. It is a great place to move, build a career and grow a family.