Top Jobs Abroad for Pinoys in 2013

Filipinos are known to be efficient and diligent workers abroad. Assign any kind of work to a Filipino and expect him to do the job and do it well. That’s why whenever there are demands for any specific type of work overseas expect Filipinos to be among the applicants.

This year is a promising year for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Political tensions in most countries, especially in Middle East, have eased up, while the same demand for nurses and healthcare providers are seen for the US or Japan’s aging population.

Here are five of the most in demand jobs abroad for 2013.

The Filipino nurses who have made a new life in Abergavenny. Photo credit: Free Press
The Filipino nurses who have made a new life in Abergavenny. Photo credit: Free Press

1. Healthcare providers, nurses and other health-related professions
There’s not much change in the demand for nurses and healthcare providers for countries like Japan, the US and other advanced countries. In fact, many studies say that the demand is expected to grow this year. One reason is that the population of elderly in these countries is growing. Aging baby boomers and filling up retirement homes, hospitals and homes for the elderly and the supply of professionals to take care of them can barely cope.

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2. Software developers
The ever-advancing field of technology has resulted in a continuing demand for practitioners in this field. The year 2013 is going to be a great time for software developers in many countries abroad, especially countries with technology-driven economies. This is the age of the software technology, and software developers are needed in building network systems and apps for companies and products worldwide.

3. Accountants, auditors
Companies want to make sure that their finances are in place. That’s why they need professionals to examine, prepare and put in place their financial records make sure that taxes are paid regularly and on time. Complex tax regulations and more strict international money laundering rules drive the demand for competent professionals in this field. Filipinos are not only competent, but can be hired for less than average wages of accountants and auditors in developed economies.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

3. Construction workers
Construction workers remain to be in demand in many countries. There are ongoing construction booms in many Middle Eastern countries and Canada. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE are three of the best places for construction workers. Canada’s economy also continues to remain strong and has withstood the economic crisis that affects the US and Europe, resulting in a construction boom. Filipino construction workers are known to be hardworking and creative in the industry, with complementary skills that make them above the level of ordinary laborers.

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4. English teachers
One advantage of Filipinos is their good command of the English language. This makes Filipinos good English teachers in countries where the language is not widely used. Japan and South Korea are two of the countries where Filipino English teachers are going to be in demand this year. Thailand and Vietnam, countries whose main language of communication is not English, are also poised to hire Filipino English teachers to help improve their country’s level of English competency, at a fraction of cost of native English speakers’ wages.