Singapore OFW Offers Winning Photo to Typhoon Victims

SINGAPORE – An overseas Filipino worker has dedicated his winning photography entry to the victims of the twin typhoons that pounded the Philippines recently.

“As a person, this is one tiny accomplishment and is nothing compared to what others have achieved in life. However, I am proud that the photograph I have taken is an image of my race and my nation on what matters to us and what we, the Filipinos, value beyond materiality,” said Filipino photographer, Christopher Tuason.

Tuason bagged the second prize in Insight Guides Photography. He said the national competition is one major event in Singapore Sun Festival held annually.

“My entry was called ‘Father and Child’ which is a picture of my friend when he was consulted by his daughter over a homework she had in school. This is the first competition I joined and beyond luck, is the family value that the love of a father matters,” Tuason said in an article he submitted to ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo iPatrol Mo, Ako ang Simula multiply site.

Tuason shares his success to many Filipino families whose lives were changed by the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

“I understand and empathize with my countrymen who are forced by circumstances to start from scratch and I have heard family men interviewed over TV who submit themselves to the sorrows of nature. Many of my countrymen have lost everything and a number have lost their dearly beloved ones,” Tuason said.

The death toll from the two storms has reached 773. On Friday, the National Disaster Coordinating Council reported that Ondoy claimed 354 lives while Pepeng’s landslides and floods killed 419 people. Around 88 people are still missing, the NDCC added.

However, while Filipinos are still struggling to recover from the devastation caused by the twin typhoons, another weather system is expected to hit the country Friday night.

The Philippine weather bureau announced that tropical storm “Lupit” has moved slightly nearer to the country. It is expected to enter the Philippines at 10 p.m. Friday or early Saturday.

“To the fathers of families, know that no storm can ever defeat your strength. In times like these, your loved ones turn to you for solace and security, so do not lose this opportunity of a lifetime to reveal the father deep in you.”

“I am proud to be a Filipino and I am proud to see Filipino fathers conquer the most testing times in their lives,” he said.