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Why Brisbane is Better Than Sydney or Melbourne

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Even though Sydney and Melbourne are more popular, Brisbane is the capital and most populous city in Queensland, Australia for several reasons. 

People migrating to the continent-country prefer to stay in Brisbane because of the financial stability, security, wholesome community and great environment. It is one of the most livable places in the world and offers an affordable and good standard of living whether you’re single or a family. Here are some more tips why Brisbane is better than other cities.

1. Strategic location

Brisbane has lesser chances of getting attacked via nuclear strike or other military strategies because of its location. It is situated inside the bend of Brisbane River so invasion would have to come from the north, which is very difficult should there be a war or international conflict.

2. Warmer weather

Many Australians like staying in Brisbane because the weather is warmer compared to Sydney or Melbourne. They can enjoy wearing light clothing and do not have to worry about sudden downpours or snow. People spend less on coats, sweaters and hats. You will also notice how individuals in Brisbane dress casually and for comfort instead of putting on layers of clothes to keep warm.

3. Reliable news

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There are only two main newspapers in the city namely The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail. You can expect reliable information from these two sources and do not have to bother about conflicting publications from several others. Generally, people can talk about the same issues and global events considering how everyone gets these from News Corporation.

4. Sports

There are several sports to play and watch in Brisbane. Football is one of the most popular sports, with the local team winning three AFL premierships before. Many people also engage in activities like running, Bikram Yoga and skating outdoors because of the great warm weather. There are free classes held at parks and there are plenty of gyms downtown to keep fit.

5. Better buildings

Buildings in Brisbane do not get as old as structures in Sydney and Melbourne because owners and the government prefer to demolish these and create new ones that are more efficient and innovative. The designs can range from simple to very artistic. There are various establishments where people can find work or entertainment. There are also more bridges per capita in Brisbane compared to any other city in Australia.

6. Very livable

Brisbane, particularly Satellite City, Ipswich, has been tagged the most livable place in the world. The environment is very clean and conducive for raising families. The inner-city district has also received recognition for being one of the top in the world. The water and air are clean and there are several stores offering organic produce to stay healthy.

7. Diverse ecosystem

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Individuals can also expect the same rich ecosystem that Australia is known for. There are parks and animal sanctuaries where people can witness rare animals and plants. The Brisbane River also boasts of having a variety of wildlife and offers activities for the entire family to enjoy during weekends and summers.

Life is not as stressful or hectic in Brisbane compared to Sydney and Melbourne which is why more people like to live here.

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