Sample Documents for US Visit Visa Applicants

Sponsor documents are documents needed by a person sponsoring someone to visit the United States. Do not direct these to the embassy or consulate. The documents are sent to the person who will be sponsored and will be submitted along with their documents. It is recommended for the documents to be typed or printed. Documents submitted must be current, less than 6 months old if possible. The following are the documents needed.

Affidavit of Support (Form I-134)
This form shows that you can provide financially for your guests while they are visiting US. Some consulates need one copy of form I-134 for each person while some do not. If you intend to sponsor multiple guests at a time, you can fill out separate forms for each person. It’s better safe than sorry. The form is available for download at several sites.

Employment letter and Pay Stubs
This is a letter requested from your employer on their business stationary stating the date and nature of employment, salary and receivables and nature of contract. You will need to provide one original letter each person you will sponsor. Pay stubs are needed to confirm your salary received from your employment. Minimum of 3 most recent stubs is recommended.

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Income Tax Documents
Provide a copy of the last 3 years of income tax returns. If your employment does not readily provide these, you may requests transcripts from IRS. State income returns are not needed. If your filed a late or amended tax return, include this in the documents. If you haven’t been in the US for the 3 years requirement, provide only for the years you have, and include written explanation. If you are self-employed, provide financial records for business accounts or self-employment schedules files with income tax returns. If you do not file a tax return, provide written explanation of why you have no legal duty to file tax returns.

Bank Letter and Bank Statements
This is to be requested at your bank on their business stationary stating the date you opened your account, amount deposited for the past year, present balance and average balance last year. These documents take time, it is recommended that you request this one month in advance from your bank to give you enough time to prepare.
The six most recent bank statements are recommended and bank account must have a good balance for the last six months. Your account shows your financial strength; do not deposit a huge amount of money only to withdraw it again. While there is no specific amount to be maintained, it must show that you can provide for the person you will sponsor. It is recommended to have $4000-7000 per person you will sponsor at a minimum.

Letter to the Consulate and Letter of invitation
The letter to the consulate is a personal letter addressed to the US consulate that your guests will be visiting stating your intent to provide for them financially. The letter of invitation is a personal letter addressed to your guests stating your intent to accommodate them and provide for them as well as give them a tour of the place they will be visiting as tourists. The invitational letter can be addressed to a group if you are sponsoring several persons at once. Do make sure that the letter is in a language that your guests can understand and make sure they know it as well because this may be held questionable by the consular officer.

Identification Documents
If you are a US citizen, you must provide proof of US citizenship. If you are not a US citizen, you must provide you original birth certificate. If you are sponsoring your spouse’s family, provide your spouse’s original birth certificate instead.

Provide a photocopy of all pages of your passport, including blank pages. If your visa is in an old passport, provide both the old and new passport photocopies. Include also copies of your legal status, visa approval notice and FAD card and advance parole, if available, for H1/L1, renewal petition if your visa is expired or green card if you are a legal permanent resident of US. It is also recommended that you attach receipts.

Provide also legal documents and proof of legal of other relatives of your guests. If you are sponsoring your spouse’s family, provide photocopies of all pages, including blank pages, of your spouse’s passport and your marriage license.

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