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Fines for Violations at Dubai Metro

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Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) wants commuters using its railway services to have a pleasant experience. One way to achieve this is to deter malpractice and violation of its by-laws. In doing so, a laundry list of fines have been published to the public not only to deter would-be violators but also to notify unsuspecting passengers that certain acts they think is allowed at the Metro is in fact prohibited.

Highlight fines

  • Do not attempt to travel using the Metro while carrying alcoholic drinks. Fine: Dh 200
  • Sit properly. Placing feet on seats is a violation. Fine: Dh 100
  • Do not sell any goods inside Metro premises. Fine: Dh 200
  • Do not use someone else’s personalized card. Fine: Dh 200
  • Sleepy heads be careful. Waiting areas, shelters or any part of transport environment is a no sleep zone. Fine: Dh 300
  • Don’t play or test with emergency / security device, including passing through emergency-only exits. Fine: Dh 2000

Remember, ignorance of the law excuses no one.

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Fine: 100 AED

  • Causing inconvenience, discomfort or distress to other passengers in any way whatsoever.
  • Entering cabins or sitting in seats reserved for certain categories of passenger when not eligible to do so.
  • Putting your feet on seats.
  • Eating and drinking on trains and other prohibited areas.
  • Using lifts or escalators in an improper manner.
  • Climbing or jumping on any public transport building or vehicle
  • Non compliance with RTA’s instructions for the use of public transport facilities and public transport vehicles as described by the signage.
  • Entering into prohibited areas of the public transport environment or public transport vehicles.
  • Opening the door or attempting to access or leave any public transport vehicle that is moving.
  • Bringing animals onto any public transport vehicle or environment, except guide dogs for blind passengers.
  • Carrying or using materials or equipment that can cause disturbance or a safety hazard to other passengers.
  • Standing or sitting on any part of the public transport environment and public transport vehicles not designated for passengers.
  • Parking in a Metro user’s designated space for more than 24 hours.
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Fine 200 AED

  • Traveling without a valid ticket for your intended journey.
  • Using personalized travel cards belonging to someone else.
  • Failing to comply with the instructions of RTA’s inspectors or authorized personnel.
  • Using an expired or invalid Nol card.
  • Selling a Nol card without permission from RTA.
  • Spitting, littering or causing any visible stains to any public transport vehicle or environment.
  • Smoking inside any public transport vehicle or environment.
  • Carrying weapons, flammable articles or any hazardous materials inside any public transport vehicle or environment.
  • Carrying alcoholic drinks inside any public transport vehicle or environment.
  • Selling goods, merchandise or promoting anything by way of advertisement inside any public transport vehicle or environment.
  • Distracting the driver of any public transport vehicle or commit any action which may cause visual obstruction whilst on a moving public transport vehicle.

Fine: 250 AED

  • Parking in a Metro user’s designated space for more than 48 hours.

Fine: 300 AED

  • Sleeping in the waiting areas, shelters or any place in a public transport environment.

Fine: 500 AED

  • Using a forged Nol card or Nol ticket.
  • Damaging, vandalizing or tampering with any devices, equipment on trains or in any part of the public transport environment.
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Fine: 2000 AED

  • Operating or using any facility or device related to security or safety including emergency exits if not required.
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