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More Landlords Turn Away Filipinos in UAE

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Amid fears of turning their homes into crowded dwellings, real estate agents and landlords in the United Arab Emirates are increasingly avoiding Filipino tenants who wish to rent residential properties there.

Popular concerns include Filipino tenants tend to sublease properties once they are handed the rights to an apartment, frequent noisy parties that distract the neighbors and cooking of exotic food whose odor permeate throughout the building.

Renting residential apartments was relatively easy in the past as the country experienced oversupply of property units. Tenants from various walks of life were accepted as long as they promptly pay their rents. But as supply dwindled, property owners have become choosy, and tightened rules. Tenants who sublet the apartments to save on rental costs face eviction. While proof of salary and financial capacity were not required by landlords from tenants in the past, such documents are required; some landlords even perform further background checks.

“.. so if you’re earning only about Dh3,000 to Dh5,000 and you want to lease a property with intention to sublease it to other Filipinos, it would be difficult for you to get a flat these days,” Joel Yabut, a property consultant, told The Filipino Times.

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While the practical reason of dividing the expense is the main reason for subletting apartment space, another reason landlords are concerned of cohabitation outside of marriage.

Michael Barney, a lawyer and director at Gulf Law, said cohabitation is considered a serious offense in the UAE.


“In the Philippines, relationship outside marriage is not a crime. The Family Code even recognizes ‘live-in’ couples and illegitimate children. In the UAE, carnal knowledge outside marriage is punishable by confinement for a minimum period of one year under Article 356 of the Penal Code. Moreover, the offender will be deported after serving sentence pursuant to Article 121 of Measures Restrictive of Liberty of the same code,” he explained.

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Another common practice of Filipinos that turns off landlords is the tendency to hold large gatherings for late-night parties or receive visitors from other places. Worse, the propensity to cook food such as dried fish and other smelly delicacies have landlords complaining especially on old buildings that have poor exhaust systems.

While landlords are concerned of overcrowding, smelling cooking and noise produced by Filipino tenants, Filipinos are also concerned of the constant rise in Dubai real estate costs.

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  1. grabe noh! kawawa talaga tayo pag nasa ibang bansa wala tayong kakwenta-kwenta sa kanila pro pag sila andito sa atin pampered na pampered natin pag magkasala sila tayo pa ang sinisisi… wala man lang parusa na ibigay para matoto nmn sila rumespeto sa atin…

  2. It is unfair to single out the Filipinos with regards to these concerns. It maybe true that we Filipinos love to socialize but other nationalities too are the same, or even worse. I dont want to name any particular nationality but it should be noted that Filipinos are more pleasant smelling than most. They are more vane and clean as compared to others.

  3. Totoo nman bkit di nyo alam mga pilipino sa uae ang dami daming partion puro liveinn tpos puro party yung iba nga gabi gabi pa inum at mix pa yung mga bed space totoo nman ano mabaho syempre pagkain ntin yun s atin mabaho yung mga food nila kc puro spices satin iba puro dry fish like tuyo daing masarap diba pero yung amoy mabango ba hay nko

  4. Wala po may gusto makipagsiksikan sa maliit na bahay. Maliit lang po sahod kaya napipilitan tayo magtiis na marami sa luob ng bahay. Pero wag po natin kalimutan irespeto ang kultura ng ibang lahi dahil tayo po ay nakikitira lamang. I agree nagbabayad po tayo ng renta pero hindi po nangangahulugan na pwede na iviolate ang rules nila.

  5. The author made a WRONG insinuation (without further clarifying his statements)when he said,

    “In the Philippines, relationship outside marriage is not a crime..,”

    Adultery (extra-marital affair by a wife outside of her legal matrimony) and concubinage (extra-marital affair coupled with sharing a house by a husband with another woman outside of his legal matrimony) are CRIMES under the Civil Code of the Philippines and are punishable by law.

  6. mababango naman pinoy compare to other nationalities. kaya wag igeneralized. Malilinis din sa flat. meron iba tlga. pero mas madami p dn ang maiingat sa bahay.

  7. This is a crap article… why dont you go and do a survey bldg by bdlg and flat by flat and you will see that everybodys in a sharing accommodation.. everyone wished to save their money. not only Filipinos even europeans to asians theres a lot of them in a sharing accommodation especially if they are just in an average salary..i suggest be reliable before to post such articles. One more thing theres still lots of real estate brokers who allowed the sharing for bachelors.


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