Monday, November 28, 2022

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6 Reasons You Do Not Send Money to the Philippines

It is a common scenario where an overseas Filipino worker or OFW begins contemplating ways to grow his hard-earned money. Do not send money just for the sake of just sending blindly without justification and good reason. An OFW will...

Peniless OFW: 4 Reasons Why Some OFWs Return Home Without Savings

Contrary to many expectations that once a Filipino goes abroad and gets paid a salary higher than back home, many overseas Filipino workers go home barely able to save money. Why is it so? In ideal situations, a Filipino spends...
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Filipino Nurse in the USA: Joanne Vilchez-Baysa

Hi everyone, my name is Joanne Vilchez Baysa, born in Zamboanga del Norte and working as a staff nurse...
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