Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Money Remittance

How to Send Money Using Western Union and MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram are two of the most frequently used agencies through which Filipinos can send money to loved ones in the country and abroad. The process is generally quick and easy. Here are some tips. Using Western Union Sending...

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US Dollar Exchange Rates

6 Reasons You Do Not Send Money to the Philippines

It is a common scenario where an overseas Filipino worker or OFW begins contemplating ways to grow his hard-earned money. Do not send money just for the sake of just sending blindly without justification and good reason. An OFW will...

Peniless OFW: 4 Reasons Why Some OFWs Return Home Without Savings

Contrary to many expectations that once a Filipino goes abroad and gets paid a salary higher than back home, many overseas Filipino workers go home barely able to save money. Why is it so? In ideal situations, a Filipino spends...
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Understanding Many Pinoy Films and Why Many of them are Unwatchable

Like each national cinema, Filipino films have a distinct personality created by their distinctive culture, history, and social context. Overarching...
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