Wednesday, January 25, 2023


How to Apply for Voluntary Repatriation in Kuwait

Kuwaiti government currently offers ‘Assisted Voluntary Repatriation Program’ (AVRP). The program is endorsed by The Philippines Embassy in Kuwait, as the program is not exclusive to runaway housemaids but also accepts Article 18 visa holders whose residency visa has expired...

Filipinos in Kuwait: How To Check if You’re Slapped With Travel Ban

As Kuwait is reportedly on the verge of a big crackdown against illegal residents, many Filipinos and other foreigners would understandably be wary of the plan, even those who are properly documented. Local reports say that as many as...
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When Balikbayan Box Items Are Unappreciated By Recipients: 3 Questions to Ask Ourselves

Sending a balikbayan box has been a part of the lifestyle of many overseas Filipino workers. On a carton...
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