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Filipina Maid Ordered Deported Ater Serving Jail for Theft in UAE

A Filipino domestic worker, who was accused of stealing AE182,000 (approx. P2.4 million) in cash and jewelry in the United Arab Emirates has been ordered deported after serving her prison term.

According to Khaleej Times, the Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced the Filipina, not named in the report, to deportation after serving her jail term. She was also ordered to pay the amount of cash and jewelry that her Emirati employer reported missing.

The case, which attracted a great deal of reaction within the local Filipino community, was initially filed at the Lahbab police station in September. The maid has been detained since then.

According to the testimony of her employer, she discovered that the Filipina helper was stealing money from her when she lost AED4,000 in her purse that she hid in her closet. She also had pieces of jewelry missing which amounted to AED100,000.

The maid reportedly confessed that she took the money and the jewelry, and it was not the first time she committed the crime.

Court records showed that investigators found out that the maid had been stealing AED500 to AED1,000 every time the employer would step out of the house.

“She would go to her sponsor’s bedroom and steal on a daily basis when her employer was away. Sometimes it would happen more than once a day. She stole about AED82,000 in cash and sent amounts to her country,” investigators said in a statement.

The maid’s camp was given 15 days to appeal her case.

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