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Taiwan Money Remittance: Importance of Convenience to OFWs and Families

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Sending money to the family in the Philippines is one of the many to-do lists overseas Filipino workers have planned to do even before they leave the Philippines for a career abroad.

OFWs in Taiwan, like everyone else, have struggled with the impact of COVID-19. Many businesses were shut down, employees forced to stop working, and societies in a standstill as governments grappled to stem the tide of the virus.

Despite such tremendous levels of disruption, life must go on. That means people need to provide for their families: food at the table, medical attention for the sick, and so on. With limited mobility and restriction on activities, it becomes even more crucial for OFWs to promptly send money through reliable channels as a vital lifeline between them and their families back home.

Important qualities of a remittance agency during this health crisis:

Ability to send money quickly.

The quarantine measures imposed on certain areas in the Philippines meant family members cannot go out of the house as they please. So when money is sent on the day they’re allowed outdoors, using a remittance company that speeds up the transaction between sender and recipient is a lifesaver.

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Senders can simply visit convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Hi-Life, or FamilyMart to send money. No need to write details of your recipient as their pre-defined details can be stored as recipient data at the PhilMoney mobile app. This saves you time encoding the same name, bank account, or home address every time you send money.

Has an extensive network of channels accessible to recipients.

With banks closed or ATMs running out of money or a far distant place to commute in this time of severely curtailed transport system, receiving money within reach is a big convenience for receiving family members.

It is possible for recipients to receive money through bank-to-bank transfer, pick up at designated merchants such as Palawan Pawnshop or Cebuana Lhuillier, or get the money delivered at the recipient’s doorstep through delivery services such as LBC.

With PhilMoney, it is possible for yourself and your family to enjoy such convenience.

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You’ll just need to share the code with your recipient to be able to receive your money remittance based on your selected disbursing bank or merchant close to your recipient’s location.

Online money remittance at your fingertips.

For both sender and recipient to enjoy the convenience of a money transfer transaction, using technology such as mobile apps enables greater flexibility so that a sender can move money at his or her fingertips. Just download the Philmoney mobile app and register both you as a sender and a list of your recipients you can conveniently pick in your future remittance transactions.

As technology allows purchases using mobile phones and other cashless payment methods, money transfer technology also has evolved to provide this level of convenience. Gone are the days when OFWs had to travel to the city and wait for their turn to send money.  In addition to that, remittance agencies charge a flat cable charge and offer exchange rates that are often unfavorable to that of a prevailing market rate; backing out to return the next day to hopefully get a better rate doesn’t sound like a good idea for these OFWs who spent time, money and effort to get there.

That is why a remittance method using a mobile app takes out all the hassles and empowers OFWs to transfer money whenever and wherever they are.

Thankfully, Philmoney has these conveniences for the benefit of Taiwan OFWs and their families in the Philippines.

How to Send Money

  • Step 1: Simply download PHILMONEY app here: & click “New? Create Account”
  • Step 2: Fill in necessary information then click SIGN UP. Now wait for your account to be approved.
  • Step 3: In “Receiver”, fill in receivers’ info. Click “Remittance” to start sending money

What customers say about PhilMoney remittance service

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Experience the convenience and affordability of sending money from Taiwan to the Philippines

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