Fake Nurse Jobs in United States

There is no doubt that the demand is still high for Filipino nurses in America, however due to the fact that the Philippines quota for H1B visas was already used up, job vacancies for nurses who wish to work in America is not widely available at present. Registered nurses should be cautious when applying for a job vacancy in America so as not to be victimized by illegal recruiters.

The dean of the University of the Philippines Manila-College of Nursing, Josefina Tuazon said, “The US still needs nurses but it’s not giving out visas for nurses now. It needs to legislate to provide additional work-related permanent visas for nurses.”

The issuance of new visas for foreign nurses in America is expected to resume next year. The new quota for the H1B visa of foreign nurses depends upon the decision of the US Congress. The US Congress is being pressured by the healthcare sector to approve the new quota and help solve the shortage of nurses in America.

Tuazon added, “Although the US still needs more nurses, in view of the recent US recession and financial crisis, working nurses there now put in additional hours while others are going back to nursing, thus local nurses are filling local demand.”

According to Tuazon, one country that currently has huge demand for nurses is Canada. The Dean explained, Canada is aggressively recruiting Filipino nurses to the extent of even going here for direct hiring. Called “provincial nominees,” nurses are now a priority there. A boom is ongoing and Canada needs to populate and provide nursing services to their rural and remote areas.”

Recruitment of Filipino workers to Canada is easier and faster because the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta have a memorandum of agreement with the Philippines.