Husband Seeks Wife’s Return Over Alleged Affair Abroad

A Filipino man who suspect his wife based abroad is having an affair, sought help from a popular TV program to repatriate his spouse.

The husband, whose name was withheld in Raffy Tulfo’s program, showed photos of his OFW wife, Maria Teresa Espiritu, together with a Pakistani man who the husband claims as her boyfriend. The husband, who became emotional during the call with his wife, pleaded to his wife to return home from Oman as her alleged infidelity is already taking toll on their children.

Espiritu, on her part, vehemently denied the accusations, saying that she is not in a relationship with the man in the shown photograph. She said that the photos were taken a long time ago, and there are people who are only trying to defame her reputation by reuploading them online.

She added that the photos can’t support the accusation as she couldn’t even leave her employer’s premises and she doesn’t have time to meet other people.

The husband countered and said that Espiritu has not been calling them and that she has also blocked her family on social media.

Tulfo then showed the photos as pieces of evidence of Espiritu’s infidelity. Photos include those posted in social media containing sweet messages for the Pakistani man.

The video ended with the husband telling his wife that he has sold everything they have just to travel to Manila and appear on Tulfo’s radio show.

Watch the video below.